Research Update -- Researchers Identify Creatine as Key to Many Aspects of Health and Wellness

Here at ProSource, we often make the point that creatine monohydrate is one of the most investigated and researched compounds in sports nutrition history. Every day, all around the world, studies are ongoing regarding creatine's efficacy in supporting not just muscle volumization and growth in response to resistance training, but also with regard to numerous other physiological processes. Indeed, so much investigation is underway at any given time that the sheer scope of it all is hard to imagine.

In recent months, however, the picture of creatine monohydrate as a versatile wonder nutrient for health and overall well-being has gotten much clearer. It turns out that creatine, long a staple in the daily regimens of well-trained athletes seeking greater strength and enhanced performance, has a whole lot more to offer.

A Definitive and Comprehensive Systemic Review Casts Creatine in a New Light

In a tremendous feat of research and scholarship, two esteemed academics in the sports nutrition field have compiled a systemic review of 1,322 published, peer-reviewed clinical studies that highlight the many benefits of creatine monohydrate supplementation. The review was authored by Prof. Richard Kreider of Texas A&M University and Prof. Jeffrey Stout of the University of Central Florida, published in the journal Nutrients, and presented at The International Conference on Creatine in Health and Disease in March of 2022.

It collates an enormous amount of science documenting the role creatine plays in promoting general health and well-being at any age, preventing loss of muscle mass in old age, improving cognitive function, facilitating glucose management, protecting the heart, supporting anti-inflammatory effects, strengthening the immune system, and promoting mental as well as reproductive and skin health [1 Kreider and Stout].

As the authors of the review point out, creatine's potential for supporting and enhancing such a broad spectrum of effects shouldn't be surprising, because creatine doesn't simply regulate the energy balance in muscle cells, it does so in all the body's cells. "Creatine plays a critical role in cellular metabolism, particularly during metabolically stressed states, and limitations in the ability to transport and/or store creatine can impair metabolism," the authors state. "Moreover, increasing availability of creatine in tissue may enhance cellular metabolism and thereby lessen the severity of injury and/or disease conditions, particularly when oxygen availability is compromised."

This of course is in addition to creatine's primary benefit for athletes -- increasing anaerobic energy capacity and decreasing protein breakdown, thereby leading to increased muscle mass and physical performance. The widening scope of creatine's potential health benefits opens a vista of therapeutic uses for creatine which researchers are just beginning to fully explore. Many people, particularly athletes already delighted with creatine's physique and performance enhancing power, believed that creatine's story had already been told. The truth is, the story is just beginning to unfold.


Creatine Monohydrate Inventory Tightens Up Worldwide

Not surprisingly, given the multiplication of creatine's potential health and wellness benefits, supplies of this essential nutrient have become tougher to come by. This scarcity has only been compounded by production and merchandizing supply chain breakdowns across the world. Athletes everywhere have grown increasingly frustrated by this new scarcity and by the startling prices increases that have resulted.

Even here at ProSource, which introduced the world's first reasonably priced, superior-quality creatine in the 1990s and has remained the industry leader in this category ever since, access to creatine supply has grown difficult. Indeed, after years of offering the highest-quality Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate at prices that were literally half of our competitors, we briefly ran out of ProSource Creatine stock for the first time ever.

Fortunately, being a pioneer and industry leader in creatine retailing has its advantages. ProSource has been able to maintain its vital supply lines with AlzChem Germany, makers of Creapure®, the ultimate premium brand of creatine worldwide, while our competitors remain cut off. Some of those competitors will remain out of stock for the foreseeable future, while others will attempt to market vastly inferior, impurity-laden, virtually useless Chinese creatine at inflated super-premium prices.

In stark contrast to these disreputable retailers, we now have 100% Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate bearing the ProSource brand available for purchase once again. And fitness-conscious people delighted at ProSource Creatine Monohydrate's reappearance will notice another thing as well. Its price is still well below what competitors were charging for creatine monohydrate even before the recent supply shortage.

At ProSource, our commitment to the research, manufacture and retailing of the world's best and most fairly priced sports nutrition supplements is rivaled only by our desire to see our customers achieve their physique and performance goals. Making the world's finest Creapure® creatine monohydrate available to our loyal customers during these difficult times is just another example of that commitment.

Scientific Reference

1 Richard B. Kreider and Jeffery R. Stout. Creatine in Health and Disease. Nutrients. 2021 Feb; 13(2): 447.

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