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Eliminating excess fat while maintaining existing muscle mass is the most difficult obstacle that stands in the way of true physique transformation. Typically, for a person restricting calories to achieve fat loss, 25% to 35% of total weight loss is lost muscle mass.

Fortunately, there is one unique protein formula that takes fat loss to a higher level, while supporting the precious muscle you worked so hard to gain. Vectron® from ProSource contains an elite fractionated protein complex called Prolibra®, a specialized bioactive whey peptide matrix combined with a special whey mineral complex designed to precisely target essential mechanisms of body transformation.


Advanced Transformational Protein Technology

  • A Fractionated Protein Complex Designed to Support Fat Loss

  • Key Compound Validated in Independent Clinical Testing

  • Specialized Whey Mineral Complex to Support Healthy Glycemic Response

  • Light, Delicious Flavor and Texture


Vectron® contains a superior-grade form of partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate called Prolibra® that provides powerful muscle support. In addition, the patented protein peptide fragments found in Prolibra® are designed to enhance satiety by helping to stimulate the release of the hormone CCK. CCK is a hormone that is sent from your digestive tract to your brain letting your brain know that it needs to turn down the hunger signals.

Prolibra® also contains milk mineral complexes aimed at optimizing calcium levels within fat cells to yield maximum efficiency with regard to weight-loss support. These mechanisms, working in tandem, can produce remarkable results, as documented in a landmark clinical study.

In an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial (1 Fristadt, et al) published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, test subjects showed significant improvements in the ratio of lean mass to fat while taking just 24.4 grams of Prolibra® per day compared to a control group taking an isocaloric placebo.

The subjects taking Prolibra® retained twice as much lean muscle with 79% fat loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. Prolibra® is highly exceptional in this regard, as no other protein complex has been clinically proven to achieve this type of body composition improvement in a 12-week period (not to mention at such a modest daily dose). Remarkably, the Prolibra® group, using just 24.4 grams per day, lost 6.1% fat.


Maintaining muscle mass while dieting is, in itself, a valuable fat loss strategy. Muscle mass is the furnace that burns excess fat. Vectron® can help you maintain that existing muscle while also targeting fat, making your physique goals a reality.

Recommended Usage: As a food supplement, mix one scoop with 8 ounces of cold water. Consume one serving 20 minutes prior to breakfast and one serving 20 minutes prior to dinner.

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