ProSource Lifting Belt

SKU: PSP122-05

Lifting Belt
by ProSource

These triple patented contoured 4 3/4 inch lifting belts exclusive design form a cone shape for the perfect fit. The patented hip and rib contour provide the ultimate comfort and flexibility. And the patented "slide n' grip" enclosure ensures a quick and secure fit. Special lumbar support reinforces the natural shape of the spine.

Schiek® belts are designed to support both the lower back and abdominal area. No other belt offers this dual support. Superior quality Schiek® brand nylon lifting belts proudly displays the ProSource logo, embroidered for quality and durability.

Size X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Waist 24"-28" 27"-32" 31"-36" 35"-41" 40"-45"
1. Place belt around the waist slightly above the hips. Secure belt, right tongue over left - velcro will adhere.
2. Slide strap from left side of the belt under slide bar.
3. Grab inner-most tongue with right hand and strap with your left. Simultaneously, hold the inner most tongue and pull the strap until desired tension has been achieved. Pull strap through buckle and secure fastener against velcro.

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