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TRUE Clinical-Grade Natural Testosterone Support for Men

TRUSTED by Men Everywhere Seeking Lasting, Youthful Power, Vitality, and Well-Being

For men, testosterone production is the wellspring of the good life — peak performance, physique, vitality, and overall wellness. And testosterone production, like any other bodily process essential to excellent health, CAN be naturally supported and maximized.

Enter AndroTest, the advanced science of natural testosterone enhancement. AndroTest® is a different kind of testosterone-support technology, one that works naturally and sustainably to support and optimize your own ongoing natural production of free and total testosterone.


The culmination of years of research and development efforts into manufacturing a genuine alternative to short-term, sometimes harmful synthetic treatments, AndroTest® contains a clinically indicated dosage of a highly processed and refined, protodioscin-rich botanical super compound key to activating the production of luteinizing hormone, which ultimately stimulates production of testosterone. AndroTest® is changing the lives of men across America.

The Landmark Clinical Study That Showcased AndroTest's Extraordinary Power

AndroTest’s creation is a story of long years of extensive research and scientific investigation. The finished product has also been subjected to rigorous scientific scrutiny in the form of a landmark clinical study that validated AndroTest’s unique testosterone-supporting power.

In the 4-week, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, product-specific study, subjects using AndroTest® experienced statistically significant increases in total testosterone levels, averaging 59.88% over baseline, with some subjects showing total increases as high as 275% over baseline. Subjects also experienced major increases in free testosterone, averaging 59.75% over baseline, with some subjects reaching up to 218% over baseline. Results of this kind are truly unprecedented for products of this kind.

Testosterone levels in the normal range and above have been associated with many positive results in otherwise-healthy males — including greater stamina, faster recovery from exercise, improved mood and sexual vitality, more productive workouts, sharper focus, and more restful sleep.

Men seeking these positive outcomes have, in the past, resorted to synthetic hormonal substitutes (in the form of injections or topical gels) to artificially raise testosterone levels. But these methods have been associated with harmful side effects. And they can, by their very nature, undermine your body's ability to produce its own testosterone. When treatments, which are often expensive, are discontinued, testosterone production can flat-line for extended periods.

AndroTest® represents a fundamental organic break from these problematic approaches. It's a genuinely natural and drug-free mechanism of testosterone support that you can utilize over the long-term to support your own body's health-sustaining processes. Indeed, thousands of men have made AndroTest® a vital part of their supplement regimens for months and years at a time.

AndroTest® is testosterone support science you can trust.

AndroTest Q&A

Q: There are a lot of products out there that claim to be “natural testosterone boosters.” How is AndroTest different?

A: AndroTest's formulation is based on many years of extensive research and product development, and has been subjected to strict independent clinical testing, which it has passed with flying colors. Really, that's the difference. You can read above for the details of that 4-week, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, AndroTest-specific study. Any manufacturer can make claims about its products. But if you look high and low through their ad copy and can find no scientific documentation -- about the ingredients generally or that specific product itself -- than those claims are just that -- claims.

Many of these dubious products also contain low or undocumented dosages of what are said to be their main active ingredients, while also containing other extraneous ingredients — horny goat weed, oyster extract, green tea extract, pomegranate extract — that might have been the subject of brief fads years ago, but have since shown little or no efficacy with regard to testosterone support. It's like these manufacturers are just throwing compounds at a wall to see what sticks. That's not science. AndroTest is the true science of natural testosterone support.

Q: I see here on the AndroTest supplement facts panel, Tribulus terristris extract. What is that?

A: Tribulus terrestris extract is the key active ingredient in AndroTest. Sports nutrition researchers have known for years that the Bulgarian herb Tribulus terrestris has real testosterone support potential by virtue of its key compound protodioscin. Protodioscin has been shown to be a potent catalyst for the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) which in turn facilitates increases in T-levels.

Developing a process for extracting and refining this valuable ingredient in sufficient quantity and potency, however, was a project that took many years.  It was only with the appearance of AndroTest that a true clinical-grade, bioactive form of this technology was made available as a nutritional supplement. The Tribulus in AndroTest is subjected to a rigorous and highly complex multiple-extraction process under the most stringent protocols utilizing state-of-the-art laboratory procedures. The result is Tribulus standardized to contain an unprecedented 40% to 48% protodioscin, which is up to 40 times more potent than other products said to contain Tribulus. Those products may claim to contain Tribulus extract, but their content is so small and crudely processed as to be physiologically inert and worthless.

Q: I've heard good things about D-aspartic acid, but I see there's none in AndroTest. Why is that?

A: D-aspartic acid is a non-essential amino that had its moment in the supplement science sun a few years ago. It plays a role in hormone secretion in the brain and in testosterone secretion in the testicles. A few years ago, their were numerous anecdotal reports of men with very low T-levels experiencing testosterone increases with D-aspartic acid.

However, further research has failed to corroborate this effect and has been shown definitively to have no effect in active men who weight train. One study (Nutr Res. 2013 Oct;33(10):803-10) found no increase in testosterone in young adult men who performed weight training and took D-aspartic acid for 28 days, while another (J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2015 Apr 1;12:15) found that two weeks of taking a high-dose supplement of 6 grams per day actually decreased testosterone in young men who weight trained. So, can D-aspartic acid support T-levels? Maybe, but the jury is definitely still out.

Q: I already take AndroTest and am having great results with it. What else can I be doing in terms of supplementation or lifestyle to keep my T-levels peaking?

A: There are a number of natural ways to keep testosterone levels high, and incorporating them into your regimen is easy. One is simply lifting weights. Workouts that incorporate compound movements with heavy weights are one of the best ways to stimulate short-term releases of testosterone. Getting enough sleep will keep catabolic hormones like cortisol low and testosterone high. On the other hand, obesity is closely linked to low testosterone.

On the dietary side, healthy fats are your T-boosting friend. Healthy fats from nuts, olive and sunflower oil, fatty fish, whole eggs and cheese have been linked to increased free testosterone in healthy male test subjects. Vitamin D, too, has shown some promise in supporting T-levels. Finally, cut down on alcohol consumption and clear your house of household toxins and especially products like shampoos, toothpastes, body sprays or air fresheners that contain xenoestrogens, which mimic the testosterone-limiting estrogens in the body.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 Tablet on an empty stomach 3 times daily (approximately one hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Use for 4 weeks, followed by a 2 week break.

WARNING: Read and Follow all label instructions prior to use. Keep out of reach of children. Not for use by individuals under 18 years of age. Not for use by females. Consult with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking any prescription or over-the-counter medication, or if you have any medical condition, including but not limited too: high blood pressure, cardiovascular conditions, psychiatric disease, diabetes, or difficulty urinating due to prostate enlargement. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse reactions to this product.

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So far so good lots of energy and seeing some weight loss, I'm not sure bout test increase I'm assuming it is higher than it was.

brian vontobel

I've been ordering products from ProSource since 1996 they are a great company and have wonderful supplements.😁

Mark Wyckoff

This is a great product

Richard Hoffman
64 still pumped!

For anyone in their 60's who wants to keep their strength and muscle size Andro Test is a great product. You have to put the work in but it allows you to keep pumping and recover from your workouts. 64 years young.

Albert DiClemente

It’s a great product

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