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Protein Powder
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It's the No. 1 rule in bodybuilding: Don't short-change yourself on your protein intake. Why? Protein not only creates energy, but promotes muscle synthesis and recovery after workout. As a general rule, you should be eating about 1 gram of quality protein per pound of bodyweight. Because this macronutrient is essential to every bodybuilder's arsenal, but can sometimes be hard to intake in large enough quantities, it's no surprise there are dozens of types from which to choose. Among hardcore athletes, whey protein has long been favored for its anabolic power and potency. Studies show that whey protein found in ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite, MuscleTech's Nitro-Tech Hardcore Pro Series and Optimum's 100% Gold Standard Whey is easily digested and utilized by the body, rich in amino acids and can boost the immune system. For bodybuilders looking for even-faster alternative protein sources, the new whey hydrolysate formulations consisting of partially digesting whey protein aminos designed to spur anabolism almost immediately upon digestion, are an excellent choice. BioQuest's MyoZene Ultra Pro and MuscleTech's premium proteins offer plenty of rapid action bang for your buck. Other products? protein sources include egg albumin, calcium caseinate and milk protein isolate. With so many quality options on the market, your decision may simply come down to your palate the competition for gourmet, milkshake-like flavors and consistency is equally fierce.
Diet Products
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Whether you're looking for diet support or a revitalizing surge of energy to help you power your way through an intense workout, has you covered. Ideally, you'd always be raring to go, lean and rock-hard as can be, and ready to take on every workout with extra energy to spare. But some days, the energy is just not there. And low energy can keep you from reaching your goals because it can cause unwanted pounds, stubborn fat and the inability to concentrate on your workout. Diet and Energy supplements are the perfect solution. That's why so many bodybuilders turn to Diet and Energy supplements to help them stay motivated, energetic and lean. Choose from stimulant-based diet and energy supplements powered by such ingredients as green tea, guarana, yerba mate, caffeine and yohimbe extract, or stimulant-free formulas containing CLA, natural diuretic support herbs or the fat-burning compound Svetol. These products support the body's thermogenic response to food (they raise your body temperature, which causes calories to burn faster), suppress appetite and support metabolism. What could this mean for you? Weight loss, a reduction in excess water, the burning of stubborn fat, and, of course, those all-important bursts of energy. Once you find the right formula for your workout, perhaps it's BioQuest's BetaStax, ProSource's Vectron or MuscleTech's Hydroxycut Hardcore, you'll be reenergized, your appetite will be under control and you'll be able to put mind over matter to take your physique to the next level.
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Probably the most widely investigated and scientifically validated bodybuilding supplement in existence, creatine has long been a staple of the supplementation regimens of athletes looking to enhance muscle mass and strength. Creatine Monohydrate, the best-absorbed and utilized form of creatine has been shown to increase creatine levels 20%-25% on average. these increased creatine levels translate into a significantly greater ability to perform high-intensity workouts and to resist fatigue. Creatine may also promote protein synthesis by increasing cellular water content. When shopping for a creatine, make sure you seek out the best German-sourced creatines, particularly the CreaPure® brand creatine found in products such as ProSource Creatine Monohydrate.
Pre-Workout Supplements
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Not taking the proper pre-workout formula of food and supplements is like trying to race your car down the street with no gas, you're not going to get anywhere. In fact, you may actually be doing more harm then good, as your body will begin to use the muscles you worked so hard to develop as the next-best energy source. So, after your pre-workout meal, but before your workout, get a boost in energy, strength and endurance from one of the many Pre-Workout formulas on the market. Traditional pre-workout compounds such as Bioquest's AndroFury and Gaspari Nutrition's Super Pump 250 include nitric oxide for increased pump, creatine monohydrate for building more muscle mass faster, caffeine for increased focus and energy, and the amino acid arginine for muscle growth, thanks to its vasodilating properties. Other formulas also contain such ingredients as phosphates, taurine, beta-alanine, B vitamins, L-glutamine, antioxidants, electrolytes and tyrosine, while some are most revered for what they don't contain: sugar, caffeine and fillers, such as high-glycemic maltodextrin or artificial dyes. For an explosive workout with gym-rattling muscle pumps and through-the-roof endurance, set the tone of your workout before you even set foot in the gym with these pre-workout products.
Testosterone Boosters
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In the never-ending battle to pack on every possible extra ounce of muscle mass, every anabolic edge is a crucial one. One key potentiator of mass and strength increase that simply cannot be overlooked is T-levels. Every bodybuilding and male fitness goal: increased muscle mass, fat loss, sharpened focus and intensity, and of course enhanced sex drive, is inextricably entwined with testosterone production. You want to get those T-levels up and keep them up, without resorting to dangerous and illegal steroids. The solution? All-natural testosterone support formulations. The best T-boosters in today's marketplace are a far cry from the old-school, raw-tribulus-in-a-bottle formulations of yesteryear. MHP's T-Bomb II, USP Labs, Pink Magic, ProSource's AndroTest Extreme, and MuscleMeds' Methyl ArimaTest, all facilitate testosterone support through a number of highly effective pathways. While there are a number of ways to harness the power of testosterone, you'll notice many of the leading formulas share common compounds that offer key testosterone support: fenugreek, Tribulus terrestris, Eurycoma longifolia (longjack), saw palmetto, Chlorophytum borivilanium, Massularia acuminate (ljebu chewing stick), and most importantly Tribulus terrestris extract.. The trio of ingredients in one mineral formula, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, helps strengthen muscles by raising the anabolic hormonal levels in the body. If you've hit a plateau in your workouts, testosterone boosters might be your ticket to getting back in the fast lane.
Mass and Strength Builders
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For bodybuilders looking to add serious size to their frame, in the form of lean muscle, of course, while minimizing fat gains, or any athlete looking to bulk up muscle mass, the popular solution is Mass Building supplements. These products are specifically formulated to help you pack on pounds of lean mass, which is why the mass-building category is one of the most crowded and fiercely competitive of all in today's sports supplement marketplace. When you think mass building, you probably think of creatine, a natural derivate of an amino acid produced in the body that supplies energy to muscles. Supplementing with creatine products, such as MHP's Dark Matter, BioQuest's MyoZene or ProSource's SynthaTrex Xtreme, helps you train harder before fatigue sets in while also hydrating muscle cells. Aside from creatine, mass-building products often contain additional branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), such as glutamine, beta alanine, taurine, tyrosine, tryptophan and leucine. Formulas for various fitness goals exist, including sugar-free to help keep your carb intake low or the inclusion of protein, carbohydrates, fat and electrolytes to make up an all-in-one powerhouse product. If your pursuit for more muscle seems never-ending, this mass-building supplement category is the answer you've been looking for.
Post-Workout / Muscle Recovery
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After a grueling workout, all you want to do is rest. But there's one more crucial step you need to take to ensure your hard work pays off: nourishing your body with Post-Workout supplements. Why? When you workout, you deplete your muscle glycogen, the primary fuel your muscles use for energy production. After your workout, your hungry muscles are primed to absorb whatever nutrients you send their way, preferably high-glycemic carbohydrates to promote glycogen replenishment, a fast-acting protein to enhance nitrogen balance and amino acids to enhance recovery, which is why the quality of your post-workout supplements is so important. To help your body through recovery mode after intense training, and to turn your body from a catabolic (muscle breakdown) state into an anabolic (muscle growth) state, try products such as BioQuest's MyoZene, MHP's Dark Matter and ProSource's After-Mass. Aside from the carbs, protein and amino acids (such as glutamine, taurine, arginine, glycine and alpha lipoic acid) mentioned above, some products in this category also contain creatine monohydrate, B vitamins and even botanicals. Help your muscles rebuild at the exact time they are most receptive to receiving nutrients, by following each session at the gym with a post-workout/recovery product.
Protein & Energy Bars
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While eating six to eight meals a day may seem like a luxury to some, most bodybuilders find it a chore. And trying to fuel up while on the go? Even tougher. But when you're including protein and energy bars in the equation, you'll praise their convenience as well as their nutritional value. Since bars are built to meet specific needs, from low calorie and low carb to high-calorie meal-replacement-esque varieties, the Protein & Energy Bars category of supplements offers a vast selection. Don't be fooled by the name of this category; protein bars, such as Supreme Protein's Supreme bar, VPX's Zero Impact mealbar and Met-Rx's Protein Plus bar, typically contain nutrients beyond protein, such as carbohydrates, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The biggest advances in the protein bar category involve the quality of the protein itself and the flavor. Just be sure to read the labels carefully, as some manufacturers add a hefty dose of sugar to sweeten the chances of you choosing their candy bar-like product. So don't let your hectic day get in the way of your body's constant need for nutrients. Keep a protein bar on-hand for a quick pick-me-up in between meals or as a way to get more of this precious muscle-building macronutrient into your diet.
Multi-Vitamins & Minerals
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For the average Joe, a multivitamin helps bridge the gap in the vitamins and minerals missing at mealtime. But for bodybuilders, a multivitamin can also help bridge the gap to their fitness goals. That's because their hardworking bodies need even more nutrients than the average, sedentary Joe. Why? Vitamins and minerals are the nutrient precursors necessary for the proteins, healthy fats, herbal compounds and other nutrients found in many of the other supplements you take. But we're not talking about the Flintstones vitamins you grew up on, we're talking about specifically designed blends of key vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants for hard-training athletes. At first glance, it may appear that all multivitamins are created equal, chockfull of, well, a multitude of vitamins. But upon closer inspection, you'll see the differences in types, amounts and delivery systems. Some of the frontrunners in this category include Universal's Animal Pack, which has been on the market since 1984, ProSource's Super MegaMax and MHP's Activite Sport. Key differentiators include such ingredients as amino acids, antioxidants, such as lycopene and CoQ10, methionine-bound zinc, and botanicals, such as Ginkgo biloba, Echinacea, bilberry and horny goat weed. Ensure your body is receiving the full spectrum of nutrients it needs, from vitamins A to K and beyond, with a daily powerhouse multivitamin.
Tribulus Terrestris
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In the search for natural testosterone enhancers, Tribulus terrestris is one of the most promising compounds available. Tribulus terrestris is widely believed to increase testosterone levels by increasing LH (luteinizing hormone) levels, the most important and potent stimulator of testosterone secretion in the pituitary gland. This mechanism of testosterone release by Tribulus terrestris is due to the natural presence of biologically active saponins, especially protodioscin. Bodybuilders should always look for products that contain a high content of protodioscin (minimum 40%) and total saponins (60%). Increase your mass gain potential and sex drive with Tribulus-based supplements.
Meal Replacements
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The key to mass and strength gains is sustained nutrition throughout the day to prevent catabolic muscle loss. In the case of bodybuilders, that means six to eight small meals throughout the day. Now, unless you have a personal chef on hand, that's a tall order for most of us. And that's why Meal Replacements are so popular, you can ingest a full meal's dose of protein, carbs and fats in just minutes, and get on with your day. All of the best meal replacements, including Labrada's Lean Body, EAS's Myoplex Original, ProSource's NutriPure Supreme, and the one that started it all, Met-Rx Original, provide plenty of nutritional bang for your buck. Whey protein isolate is, of course, the most common form of protein found in most meal replacement formulas, thanks to its low lactose and fat content, fast-acting nature to quickly nourish muscles and its delivery of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). The carbohydrate blends included in these formulas consist of oats, barley, oat fiber and/or rice bran to help support energy levels and enhance satiety. The third piece of the equation, fats, can be derived from high-oleic sunflower oil, CLA, flaxseed, evening primrose oil or borage oil. Many formulas typically include a few extras, such as vitamins, minerals and even probiotics to help maintain normal intestinal microflora. And the best news is that today's shakes also taste great, so there's no need to choose between great taste and wide-spectrum nutrition.
Energy and Endurance
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If you hit the gym floor with less than maximum focus, intensity, and energy, you're very likely to endure a wasted workout. Fortunately, there's no shortage of supplements out there designed to ensure that you gain the ultimate benefit from every trip to the gym. In this category, you'll find a huge variety of products addressing every aspect of performance enhancement from pre-workout pump complexes and energy boosters to creatine products and thermogenics. Hit the floor with energy and stamina to spare!
RTD (Ready to Drink) Formulas
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Who wouldn't choose convenience when given the option, especially on those days where every minute counts? That's why manufacturers have worked so hard to combine the right balance of protein, fat, carbs and taste found in ready-to-drink products. RTDs represent the ultimate in convenience for those seeking a quick boost of protein and other valuable nutrients. Just grab one from your office drawer, gym bag or car, open it and drink?no mixing required. Providing supplemental support for muscle-building diets, RTDs can be used pre-workout, post-workout or, depending on their formula, as a meal replacement. Most RTDs, such as CytoSport's Muscle Milk, Labrada's Lean Body and ISS Research's Oh Yeah!, contain proteins (in the form of milk protein isolate, whey protein concentrates and calcium caseinate), carbs (in ranges as low as 7 grams, for low-carb diets) and fats (usually from healthy choices, such as sunflower oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil or flax oil). Of course, a few specialty ingredients are found throughout the category, including amino acid blends, phyto-nutrients, vitamin and mineral blends and fiber. And in flavors that will make you think you're drinking a forbidden milkshake, you're bound to look forward to RTD time each day!
Amino Acids
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The chemical building blocks of proteins are essential to the human body and all its processes. There are twenty-one in all and most are termed non-essential because they are produced by the body itself. Bodybuilders, however, deplete bloodstream levels of certain non-essential aminos (glutamine, for instance) swiftly, requiring supplemental intake. Other amino acids (the BCAAs valine, leucine, and isoleucine) can only be acquired through dietary intake, and are thus termed essential. Different aminos are linked to different processes, some of which are of special interest to bodybuilders. Arginine has been linked to vasodilation and nutrient delivery; tyrosine to focus and intensity; glutamine to muscle recovery after exercise. To achieve your bodybuilding goals, you need to know your aminos.
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When your workout is over and your muscles are screaming for fuel to repair the damage you've done, quick and targeted nutrition is a must. Without it, your muscles will simply feed on themselves and all of your potential gains will have been lost. To undo the damage and grow, you need BCAAs and glutamine to repair muscle tissue, carbs to restore depleted glycogen levels, and fast-action aminos (including whey isolate, and hydrolyzed whey) to jump start anabolism. Stop catabolic processes in their tracks with proper supplementation and you'll derive maximum benefit from every workout.
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Estrogen and testosterone, the two major hormones in men (testosterone) and women (estrogen) are inexplicably linked and have a profound effect on the other. Indeed, estrogen functions as a signal to the pituitary gland in the brain, turning on or off the production of testosterone. The higher the levels of estrogen in your system, the lower the amount of testosterone produced. Thus, it is not enough simply to jack up testosterone levels; estrogen levels must be addressed as well. Anti-estrogens may be able to help you in achieving the optimum bloodstream levels of testosterone and consequent mass gain potential.
Gluten Free
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Few nutritional categories have undergone growth on a prodigious scale to rival that of Gluten-Free Foods. As an increasingly significant percentage of the American public becomes conscious of (and is diagnosed for) celiac disease, the range of gluten-free foods continues to expand at an exponential pace. Bodybuilders who experience allergic reactions to gluten (a protein most commonly found in wheat, barley, and rye) know that they can find a great selection of gluten-free products at ProSource.
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Vigorous workouts are the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle. But they also generate storms of free radicals (the result of oxygen molecules that are converted into oxidizing agents during the cellular creation of energy) that can cause damage to body tissue. Fortunately, nature and our own bodily physiology offers a counterattack to these free radicals in the form of antioxidants. These helpful compounds (ranging from basic vitamins and minerals to botanical extracts to enzymes and alpha lipoic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids) are instrumental in mopping up free radicals and consequently reducing tissue damage and spurring recovery. Support your bodybuilding efforts and overall health with antioxidants.
Books and DVDs
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Knowledge is the most potent weapon in the bodybuilder's arsenal. Knowing how to do something, when to do it, and why, is what separates the successful bodybuilder from an athlete who struggles to attain his or her goals. When it comes to achieving success in the bodybuilding realm, there are scores of positive and inspiring examples that serve as road maps for those who would wish to emulate that success. Exercise your mind with the content found in DVDs from bodybuilding's all-time greats (and books from some of the sports most respected experts) and get ready to attain your ideal physique and to meet your performance goals.
Joint Support
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As a bodybuilder, you ask a lot of your body. Your muscles, your heart, your lungs, your brain and even your joints. So don't neglect the connective tissue, tendons and cartilage you abuse in the gym, because they are part of the big picture in your ultimate physique-enhancing goals. In fact, the more intense your training, and the more mass you add to your frame, the more pressure is put on your joints. Protect and heal them with Joint Support supplements, so they can continue to withstand the punishment you inflict upon them during your weight training. At the top of the ingredient list for most joint support products is the well-known pairing of glucosamine and chondroitin, essential support compounds for proper joint health. ProSource's Joint Command, Labrada's ElastiJoint and Universal's Animal Flex all include ample servings of these two ingredients. But other products have gone a different route in the quest for joint support, including properties that, at first glance, may seem like unlikely choices. For instance, scientists have found that omega 3s are not merely healthy for your heart, but also help soothe and comfort joints. And vitamin C enhances the absorption of glucosamine and chondrotin's one-two punch because it serves as a co-factor in collagen synthesis, the main protein in joint tissue and bone. Keep your joints strong, supple, and healthy with some of the best joint support compounds available to hard-working athletes.
Branch Chain Aminos
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The BCAAs (leucine, valine and isoleucine) are perhaps the three most important of the essential amino acids. As a supplement, taking BCAAs has been shown to prevent or decrease muscle proteolysis or breakdown. Also, recent research has shown that leucine is an essential element in promoting muscle protein synthesis. BCAAs have long been used by bodybuilders to help enhance muscle growth and are considered an important part of any intense training program.
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Bodybuilders work intensely, eat productively, and supplement intensively. The results of all that hard work are elevated performance and an awesome physique. It can also mean that sometimes it's time to clean up the systemic residue from all the varied compounds and substances we use to attain our goals. That's where detoxification comes in. Detoxification products as varied as fiber supplements, liver support complexes, colon cleansers, and basic vitamins and minerals are essential in eliminating waste matter from our system so that absorption and utilization is maximized. Start clean with a first-rate detoxifier!
Digestive Aids
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Are you getting maximum value from every supplement you take to enhance your physique and performance? Digestion is an incredibly important step in the supplement utilization process and yet many athletes ignore it entirely. Supplementing with digestive enzymes and liver-support products, as well as occasionally detoxing and cleansing your digestive system can go a long way toward attaining optimum digestion and consequent enhanced absorption of nutrients.
Especially For Men
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As bodybuilders are well aware, not every supplement need is a one-size-fits-all proposition. Specific men's needs whether testosterone boosting, prostate support, GH support, or weight gainers are best served by specifically targeted men's supplements. Looking for a supplement to support your uniquely male performance and health? You'll find it here!
Equipment & Apparel
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ProSource not only offers the best sports supplements at the best prices, but also a wide array of bodybuilding gear and accessories. From T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, skull caps, gym bags and lifting gloves to lifting belts and straps, shaker cups, pill boxes, liquid chalk and body tape, bodybuilders will find all the gear they need to make sure workouts are safe, comfortable and effective. Many of these indispensible items carry the powerful ProSource brand, so you can be sure of the optimum quality. A few items to consider include the body tape (to keep track of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and develop), the dual ab wheel (to assist you on your road to washboard abs, with non-slip handles for greater comfort) and body fat calipers (a low-cost, accurate alternative for measuring body fat, approved by American Hospital Supply for accuracy). Once you're working with all the tools you need to do the job right, there will be no stopping you from achieving your bodybuilding goals!
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We all grow older and lose our youthful vigor and vitality. But highly active people who take their nutrition, exercise, and supplementation seriously suffer the ravages of age much less severely (and swiftly) than those who don't. Fitness-conscious people looking to maximize their prime of life have available to them a great variety of nutrients and compounds essential to facilitating and improving digestion, muscle growth, cardiovascular health, sex drive, and overall well-being. Indeed, the number of restorative herbs, extracts, and compounds seems to grow each day, as modern science unveils the anti-aging properties of supplements from acai and coral calcium to resveratrol and omega fatty acids.
Vegetarian Products
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Here at ProSource, protein from meat sources is often on the menu. But if your preferences are for sustenance from non-meat sources, we've got you covered. There's an astounding variety of vegetarian and vegan products targeted at the overall health and bodybuilding needs of fitness-conscious people, and you'll find them all here, including pre-workout supplements, herbal extracts, essential vitamins and minerals for vegetarians, and much more!
Mood Enhancers
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It's been said that the bodybuilder's most important body part is his brain. Clearly, mood is central to your workout performance, muscle recovery, and rest. Looking to power your way through an ultraproductive workout? You would surely benefit from caffeine or a potent focus intensifier like tyrosine. Looking to maintain your overall vigor and aggressiveness? Look no further than Tribulus terrestris or other T-boosters. When it's time to mellow out and get the sufficient rest your body needs, melatonin could be just the thing. To achieve bodybuilding results, put yourself in the right frame of mind!
Nitric Oxide
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Nitric oxide potentiators have been the subject of a massive supplementation boom in recent years as their value in increasing muscle pump and consequent nutrient delivery has been recognized. Bodybuilders have always valued the enormous muscle pump they bring to the gym floor after supplementing with any of the huge variety of arginine-based vasodilators currently on the market. The best products such as Gaspari's Super Pump 250 and BioQuest's Fusion Force promote a number of singular exercise benefits. Meanwhile, a new vasodilation technology, GlycoCarn, has emerged as an alternative to typical arginine-based products and can be found in advanced new products like BioQuest's Alpha Fury.
Nutritional Accessories
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ProSource not only offers the best sports supplements at the best prices, but also a wide array of bodybuilding gear and accessories. From T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, skull caps, gym bags and lifting gloves to lifting belts and straps, shaker cups, pill boxes, liquid chalk and body tape, bodybuilders will find all the gear they need to make sure workouts are safe, comfortable and effective. Many of these indispensible items carry the powerful ProSource brand, so you can be sure of the optimum quality. A few items to consider include the body tape (to keep track of your body measurements and progress as your muscles grow and develop), the dual ab wheel (to assist you on your road to washboard abs, with non-slip handles for greater comfort) and body fat calipers (a low-cost, accurate alternative for measuring body fat, approved by American Hospital Supply for accuracy). Once you're working with all the tools you need to do the job right, there will be no stopping you from achieving your bodybuilding goals!
Prostate Support
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If you're over forty or merely want to maintain peak sexual health, supplemental prostate support should be high on your to-do list. Several extracts and compounds have been linked to healthy prostate function, including lycopene, pomegranate, and ZMA. By far the most common ingredient in prostate support supplements, however, is saw palmetto, which is reported to inhibit 5alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and decrease the symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Take care of your prostate and enjoy peak sexual health!
Sexual Health
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Sometimes it's not all about physique, and sometimes performance isn't strictly relegated to the gym. Peak sexual health is a topic of foremost importance for all fitness-conscious men and women. Fortunately, there are plenty of supplement support products to help boost libido, vigor and overall health. From natural testosterone boosters (tribulus, eurycoma, horny goat weed) to vasodilators to multi-vitamin/mineral formulas for men and women, this category has everything you need to support a rewarding and healthy sexual life.
Skin Care
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When it comes to skin care, bodybuilders have a number of unique needs. Depilatories and tanning products are essential to any bodybuilder who takes to the competitive stage (or even the beach), while the sheer rigors of exercise expose your skin to ravages that can be counteracted with support from such valuable supplements as folic acid, Vitamin B, and tea tree oil. Muscle mass is important, but never lose sight of the fact that it's your skin that people see first!
Sleep Aids
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Bodybuilders value focus, energy, and intensity when they're on the gym floor. Indeed, many athletes supplement with diet and energy products that are packed with stimulant content. But the experts will tell you that proper rest and recovery is just as essential to muscle growth. So what to do when it's time for a good night's sleep? The all-natural sleep aids featured in this category are just the thing when it's time to transition from a hard-charging day to restful and productive sleep. From GABA to melatonin to any of the popular nighttime sleep support products (Sleep MD, Sleep N Restore), you'll find just the right antidote to a stressful restless night.
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The key word here is synergy. Many of bodybuilding's most potent supplements are expressly designed to work synergistically with other products to promote mass gains and physique transformations that far exceed what is possible with those same supplements in isolation. Thus, wide-spectrum proteins match up with pump complexes and T-boosters during a growth phase, while a combination of low-carb whey isolates, thermogenics, and definition formulas are ideal for a cutting phase. There are plenty of other perfect combos as well, for any physique goal you may have. Check em out and stack up for success!
Tanning Products
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Time to get your tan on? The days are long gone when that meant it was time to go out and absorb a day's worth of dangerous radiation. The topical products featured here are just the thing for when a deep, natural-looking golden brown shade is called for. In this category, you'll also find products of unique interest to bodybuilders such as bikini suit fasteners and posing oil.
Functional Foods
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Functional foods are just what they sound like: targeted nutrition that bodybuilders can use for very specific health, digestive, and supplemental functions. Some are wide-spectrum meal replacements such as ProSource's NutriPure Supreme and Lean Body. Some are healthy on-the-go snacks like protein RTDs, beef snacks, or protein bars. Other functional foods serve even more specific goals such as fiber supplements, healthy fats for energy, peanut butter, and more. If you're looking for a supplement alternative that doesn't quite fit the main categories, you're likely to find it here!
Healthy Fats
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While the average consumer may have a superstitious fear of dietary fats, the savvy bodybuilder knows that healthy fats are a potent source of energy and/or antioxidant benefits that are much less likely to be stored as body-fat than carbs. Of course, the key here is healthy fats. Completely saturated fatty acids (medium chain triglycerides) are absorbed and metabolized very rapidly, supplying a readily available fuel source during exercise. Fish oils (Omega-3 fatty acids) have widespread health-promoting and antioxidant effects, and have been associated with reduction of inflammation. Choose your healthy fats wisely and enjoy the benefits of this potent dietary staple.
Health and Wellness
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Supplement science has seen an enormous influx of research on the benefits of health-promoting botanicals over the last few years. The most exciting thing about this new revolution in nutrients is not only their health benefits, but the huge volume of clinical data that supports them. With new research technologies and a clinical focus toward nutraceuticals as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, most of the doubt regarding their efficacy has been left behind. And this gives bodybuilders looking for that extra edge peace of mind, knowing that products in the Health and Wellness category are backed by sound science. Whether you're looking for a megadose of vitamin C to boost your health and energy, antioxidant support from superfood acai to lose weight, enzymes to aid in digestion, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to support energy, or mega-doses of coral calcium to support bone health and enzymatic activity, these formulas help you build and maintain a strong bodybuilding foundation. Be sure to check out some of this category's best, including ProSource's Resveratrol, Acai capsules and Super Enzymes.
Topical Formulas
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Topical formulas basically fall into a couple of categories: tanning and hair-removal solutions on the one side and fat-loss supplements on the other. Tanning and hair-removal products have grown increasingly popular in recent years as aesthetic notions of hygeine have evolved even as skin cancer rates (via sun exposure) have skyrocketed. Of course, these products have always been an essential tool for bodybuilders looking to show off their physiques to maximum advantage, whether on the beach or on stage. Topical solutions for fat loss have also proven popular, and consumers should read their labels closely for evidence of ingredients that would prove useful in achieving physique goals.
Weight Gainers
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For all but the lucky mesomorphs, gaining quality weight can be a difficult task, you can only stomach eating so much in one day and your fast metabolism makes you feel like you're swimming upstream. But even the most stubborn hard gainers can experience extraordinary gains by turning to the Weight Gainers category of supplements for a little help. These formulas help increase your size by offering proteins, carbohydrates and fats combined in the right ratios. Packing on new mass no longer means filling up on empty calories just to keep up with your racing metabolism. And gone are the weight gainers of yesteryear, which were filled with low-quality ingredients, laced with sugar and fat, and an insult to your taste buds. You can now reach for a trusted weight gainer or mass gainer, such as MHP's Up Your Mass, or Gaspari's Real Mass to get the results you desire. High-calorie meal replacements, such as the aforementioned, pair high-quality proteins, healthy fats and various blends of carbohydrates with BCAAs, CLA, vitamins, minerals and fiber to ensure a well-rounded formula that provides the many key nutrients bodybuilders need.
Protein Snacks
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It's every bodybuilder's dilemma. How do you consume enough protein to reach that 1g to 1.5 gram per kilogram of bodyweight standard? After the chicken and the fish and the beef and the protein shakes, it's time for a protein snack. Fortunately, protein snacks come in a wide variety of meal sources, from bars to breakfast cereals to puddings, protein shots and wafers. Whatever your supplement preference, there's a protein snack to suit your taste buds.