The New Science of Performance Maximization and Muscle Enhancement

When you take into account everything that has to go exactly right to create a productive workout – proper focus, momentum, form, and work output on the front end, then maximized and precision-targeted muscle support to repair damage and spur growth on the back end -- it's a wonder any of us ever gain a single ounce of extra muscle mass.

The key is to hit the gym floor prepared to perform at the highest level – with utmost intensity, aggression, and work capacity – and leave the floor with all your bodily repair and recovery functions primed and ready to derive maximum benefit from every rep and set you just powered through. That’s your destination, and the road to that desired outcome lies through proper supplementation that targets every pathway of performance optimization and muscle mass increase.

And not just any supplementation, either. You need a new kind of pre-workout formula that harnesses the most advanced science and incorporates it in the ultimate comprehensive multi-pathway approach. That product has arrived in the form of VyoCore from CellDyne, and it has revolutionized the entire pre-workout category even as it has created a sensation among dedicated athletes and gym warriors.

Shift Your Training Output and Athletic
Performance Into High Gear With VyoCore

Do you want to dominate the competition? Then strength and endurance are the name of the game. So many pre-workout formulas out there are little more than a cup of black coffee in disguise. Yes, they’ll amp you up with some caffeine and other stimulant content. But that’s just one piece in a pretty big puzzle. You need a pre-workout formula that supports EVERY pathway of muscle maximization and performance potential.


VyoCore is a clinical-grade technology designed to enhance endurance, power, strength, recovery, hydration, energy and focus. Its multiple vectors of performance maximization include the only form of true adenosine-5-triphosphate clinically validated to produce strength increases of 147%, as well as an advanced osmolytic agent that hydrates cells in order to increase strength and endurance. VyoCore also contains a muscle-carnosine supporting mechanism that optimizes lactic-acid buffering in muscle to increase endurance, plus state-of-the-art cell volumizers, recovery aminos, and organic energy and focus factors designed to provide a clean, powerful boost. Let’s start with strength support.

Advanced Support for Strength, Endurance, Hydration, and Intensity

VyoCore is powered by a patented form of adenosine 5*-triphosphate disodium, identical to actual human ATP, that has been linked in clinical studies to a whole host of performance and physique benefits. In a landmark double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by researchers at the University of Tampa, twenty-one resistance trained males took either 400 mg of patented form of ATP found in VyoCore (which is also the clinically indicated dosage contained in VyoCore) or placebo. Muscle mass, strength and power were measured at baseline and at weeks 4, 8, and 12. The results were dramatic. Test subjects who supplemented with Peak ATP® experienced an average of 147% increase in strength compared to placebo (55.3 kg vs. 22.4 kg), as well as a 30% increase in power (796 vs. 614 watts), a 100% increase in lean body mass (4.0 kg vs. 2.1 kg), and a 96% increase in muscle thickness (4.9 mm vs. 2.5 mm).

You want enhanced endurance? VyoCore contains a key active ingredient that supports carnosine levels in muscle tissue, a prerequisite for postponement of the onset of fatigue, muscle "burn" under stress, and loss of strength. In fact, in a clinical study, this carnosine-supporting mechanism has resulted in 80% increases in muscle carnosine over a ten-week period and more than a 16% increase in physical work capacity. Test subjects supplementing with this compound have experienced improved muscle endurance, decreased acidosis, and better performance in high-intensity interval training.


Cellular hydration is paramount for proper cell function. Once hydration collapses within the cell, your chances of experiencing adequate recovery and growth evaporate along with it. That’s why VyoCore contains an advanced osmolytic agent that helps support cell hydration and volume during the dehydration, stress, and metabolite accumulation associated with high-intensity exercise. Indeed, in a published College of New Jersey study, athletes supplementing with this agent experienced an increase of 30% in squat repetitions after 7 days of supplementation and 60% after 14 days, as well as significant increases in the quality of repetitions performed.

And, of course, VyoCore has you covered for energy production, focus, and intensity as well. VyoCore contains a 90% pure organic caffeine derived from green coffee beans and designed to deliver a clean, powerful boost in energy, mental alertness and performance. This compound is non-GMO-sourced and provided in a precision-targeted 225 mg dose intended to provide maximized benefit without over-stimulation. VyoCore further supports the mind-muscle connection with advanced co-factors that facilitate neurotransmitters in the brain linked to cognitive function and stress relief.

The Most Advanced Mechanisms of Performance and
Muscle Optimization, Provided in Clinically Validated Dosages

In short, VyoCore is literally in a category by itself. Unlike virtually all other pre-workout formulas, its active ingredients are the actual patented, university-tested technologies used in the clinical studies that validate their effectiveness, and they’re dosed in the amounts clinically indicated in those university studies. No generic substitutions, no “pixie dusting” of ingredients. Just as importantly, VyoCore is guaranteed to be absolutely 100% free of banned or illegal substances.

VyoCore’s comprehensive multi-pathway complex of strength, endurance and energy-production co-factors will greatly expand your performance potential and training output, paving the way for significant improvements in muscle size and athletic achievement. Power your way past the competition with VyoCore!


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