The Definitive ProSource Protein Buyer's Guide

The Definitive ProSource Protein Buyer's Guide

If you're a regular reader of our articles here at ProSource, you already know that all proteins are not created equal. (Imagine believing that all foods are created equal!) Some proteins are created out of the very best quality ingredients, based on the latest scientific research, and formulated via the most advanced processing methods. Many, unfortunately, are not. Those lesser products exist merely to turn a profit, not help you achieve your physique and performance goals.

If you want to tell the difference between an elite protein and a poor-quality protein, you need only read the nutritional facts panel on the jug. Some manufacturers will attempt to mislead you with deceptive language, but their tricks are easy to recognize. If you're new to protein supplementation, we suggest you take a moment to read this article, "How To Read A Protein Formula Label." It will give you all the facts you need to avoid the scams and get maximum value from every gram of protein you buy and consume.

Here at ProSource, we've spent 25 years building a bond of trust with our customers, basing our legendary proteins on scientific research and innovation that has spurred our entire industry forward. Our proteins, bearing both the ProSource and BioQuest brands, are always formulated from the very best ingredients and formulated via the most advanced processing methods. They have helped a generation of serious athletes achieve their goals.

And yet, even our ProSource protein formulas are not all the same. In fact, they have fundamentally different nutritional profiles and are geared toward very different purposes and goals. Some are intended for extreme growth, while others support peak functional fitness. Others are targeted for fat loss or mass gain. ProSource prides itself on offering the perfect protein for every fitness goal. Which one is best for you? Let's take a closer look.

ProSource NytroWhey Ultra Elite

Muscle Fuel Powered by the World's Most Advanced Proteins

* The Industry Leading Ultra-Premium-Grade Protein Blend
* 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate Formulated Via Advanced CFM Processing
* Ultra-Rapid-Action Whey Protein Hydrolysate
* Advanced Leucine Peptide Technology to Facilitate Muscle Protein Synthesis
* Rich, Creamy Milkshake Taste and Texture

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:
Because, frankly, NytroWhey Ultra Elite is the best daily protein supplementation available to meet your higher nutritional needs, support your active lifestyle and elevated levels of training, and help you attain your physique and performance goals. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is protein for people who are very serious about their protein.

There are many things we could say about the potency, power, and purity of NytroWhey Ultra Elite. But perhaps the most revealing is this: Once a customer tries NytroWhey Ultra Elite for the first time, they never go back to their old protein. The difference is like night and day. A first-time buyer of NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a NytroWhey Ultra Elite fan for life.


Primary Ingredients and Benefits:
NytroWhey's muscle-supporting power and efficacy derive from its advanced whey isolate blend. Its superior-quality crossflow-microfiltration whey protein isolate is loaded with critical growth catalysts primed for muscle support. Its cutting-edge hydrolyzed whey protein is rich in the low-molecular-weight di- and tripeptides that drive elevated levels of growth. And its state-of-the-art leucine peptide technology is a precision-targeted driver of instant protein synthesis that puts your muscles on the road to recovery and growth after an intense workout.

The combination of these three protein technologies places NytroWhey Ultra Elite far above every other protein designed for muscle mass maintenance and growth. This blend of high-quality proteins -- completely free of fillers, impurities and spiking agents so common in other commercially available brands -- also ensures that NytroWhey Ultra Elite mixes better and tastes better than all of its competitors. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is the world's foremost premium whey protein for serious fitness enthusiasts and athletes.


ProSource Vectron

A Unique Fat-Loss Muscle-Supporting Protein Technology

* Contains a Fractionated Protein Complex Designed to Support Fat Loss
* Key Compound Validated in Independent Clinical Testing
* Specialized Whey Mineral Complex to Support Healthy Glycemic Response
* Light, Delicious Flavor and Texture

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:
Because you're trying to lose excess fat, while minimizing muscle loss in the process. Whenever you start restricting calories, your body will seek out carbs in the form of glucose for energy first. If that's not available, your body will seek out glycogen stored in muscle tissue, starting a process in which muscle mass is broken down to facilitate energy production. Typically, for a person dieting, 25% to 35% of total weight loss is lost muscle mass.

There are ways to avoid this fate, however. One is to not prioritize rapid (and usually unsustainable) weight loss, which will convince your body that you're starving and force it to conserve fat (which is metabolically less costly to sustain) and shed muscle. Fat loss is a marathon, not a sprint; losing a little each month is preferable to trying to lose a lot over the short term. It's also important to keep up a normal exercise regimen when dieting. You body will not sacrifice muscle it uses all the time.

A third way to keep muscle during dieting is to supplement with protein. Protein is a natural thermogenic; it costs energy just to digest. It also directly fuels the muscle tissue you're trying to keep. While most protein formulas do not specifically support fat loss, there is one unique protein formula that takes fat loss to a higher level -- Vectron from ProSource.

Primary Ingredients and Benefits:
ProSource Vectron contains an elite fractionated protein complex called Prolibra®. The patented protein peptide fragments found in Prolibra® are designed to enhance satiety by helping to stimulate the release of the hormone CCK. CCK is a hormone that is sent from your digestive tract to your brain letting your brain know that it needs to turn down the hunger signals. Prolibra also contains milk mineral complexes aimed at optimizing calcium levels within fat cells to yield maximum efficiency with regard to weight-loss support.

These mechanisms, working in tandem, can produce remarkable results. In an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial (1 Frestadt) published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, test subjects showed significant improvements in the ratio of lean mass to fat while taking just 24.4 grams of Prolibra® per day compared to a control group taking an isocaloric placebo. The subjects taking Prolibra® retained twice as much lean muscle with 79% fat loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. Remarkably, the Prolibra® group, using just 24.4 grams per day, lost 6.1% fat.

Maintaining muscle mass while dieting is, in itself, a valuable fat loss strategy. Vectron can help make that goal a reality.


BioQuest MyoZene

Ultra-Rapid-Action Post-Workout Growth and Recovery Formula

* A Powerful Matrix of Advanced Growth Catalysts
* Hydrolyzed Whey and Added Leucine Peptides for Significant Growth
* Clinically Validated Strength Results in Product-Specific Testing
* Additional Strength and Endurance Co-Factors
* Advanced Carbohydrate Technology to Stimulate Nutrient Delivery to Muscle

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:
You want to completely transform your physique, adding significant amounts of new muscle mass. The proteins we've discussed up until now are ideal for serious fitness-conscious individuals. They're for people who want to stay fit, look great, and maximize performance. MyoZene is a whole different beast. It contains a number of different technologies that work together to drive extreme muscle gain and increase strength. If you want to be big, look big, and turn heads in the gym, MyoZene from BioQuest is for you.

Primary Ingredients and Benefits:
First and foremost, MyoZene's protein component is comprised of a blend of highly specialized hydrolyzed whey rich in essential di- and tri-peptides for ultra-rapid absorption into the muscle, fortified with an advanced leucine peptide technology to enhance muscle protein synthesis. MyoZene also contains an advanced carbohydrate matrix designed to raise blood glucose levels, potentiating insulin release, which in turn plays a key role in skeletal muscle protein synthesis by activating ribosomal activity and growth initiation factors within skeletal muscle. Rounding out this state-of-the-art mass-building formula are creatine monohydrate for cell volumization and strength support, taurine and glutamine for recovery support, and L-carnitine L-tartrate for additional hormonal support.

MyoZene is highly unusual in that its benefits have been validated in product-specific independent clinical testing. In a study presented at the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference, subjects supplementing with MyoZene experienced a 24% increase in muscular endurance mid-way through the study and a 32% increase after one month of training. Subjects experienced a notable reduction in body fat as well. MyoZene is serious post-workout nutrition for athletes who want to make their workouts hugely productive and to convert that output into real, tangible physique results.


ProSource NytroWhey Original

The Ultra-Pure Whey Protein Isolate That Started It All

* 100% Pure Ultra-Premium Whey Isolate
* Pure and Complete Amino Acid Profile Derived Via Advanced Microfiltration
* Powerful Concentrations of Protein Fractions for Enhancing Bioavailability and Muscle Growth
* True Gourmet Quality Taste and Texture

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:
You're looking to maintain functional strength, sustain and increase existing muscle mass, and support your regular exercise regimen. Original NytroWhey is also ideal for newcomers to the fitness lifestyle and those fitness-minded athletes who are on a budget. Its pioneering formulation forever raised the bar for protein texture and flavor.

Primary Ingredients and Benefits:
Original NytroWhey was and continues to be the 100% whey isolate formula that revolutionized the protein category. Before its appearance, the widely available ion-exchange and acid-treated protein formulas contained damaged and largely inert protein fractions, were larded up with inferior whey concentrates and fillers, and tasted horrible. After Original NytroWhey's appearance, those lesser proteins were instantly outmoded and marginalized.

The whey isolate in Original NytroWhey is precision-manufactured using high-performance, ultra micro-filtration processing, a precise and complex synthesis that involves ceramic cold filtering that delivers the purest, most bioavailable protein available, preserving the alphalactalbumin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides that are essential catalysts for enhancing bioavailability, and boosting growth and recovery. This state of the art technology also removes the lactose and other undesirables typically found in other forms of whey protein.

Original NytroWhey launched twenty years ago and there are countless athletes who swear by it and have never used any other protein. Today it remains arguably the single greatest value for your protein dollar.


ProSource After Mass

Super-Comprehensive Mass Builder at an Affordable Price

* Tri-Phasic Hydrolyzed Whey / Whey Protein Concentrate / Casein Hydrolysate Complex
* Targeted Dose of 12.26 grams of Potent Aminos
* Advanced High-Glycemic Carb Matrix for Insulin Potentiation
* Real Physique Results at an Affordable Price

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:
Just like the product's name says, you want to add mass. You may be what is called a "hard-gainer," someone who fits an ectomorphic profile that makes it hard to add mass, or you may simply be someone who finds it difficult to consume the requisite daily calories necessary to benefit sufficiently from your training regimen. ProSource After Mass contains a wide-spectrum combination of 25 grams of a cutting-edge tri-phasic protein complex, plus 48 grams of precision-targeted, high-glycemic carbs to up-regulate insulin release and support protein synthesis. That's a lot of nutrition in one affordably priced post-workout supplement!

Primary Ingredients and Benefits:
While some of the protein formulas featured here are specifically designed to provide a fast-acting, potent punch of rapid-uptake aminos in the form of whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey, After Mass adopts a different strategy, fueling growing muscle tissue over both the short and long term. The hydrolyzed whey in After Mass supports protein synthesis in the immediate aftermath of your workout, while the whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed casein in After Mass provide an extended flow of aminos to keep your muscles in a growth-favorable state. Additional glutamine, leucine, taurine and other key aminos enhance recovery and growth as well.

After Mass also has you covered here with 48 grams of precision-targeted, high-glycemic carbs that will restore glycogen reserves depleted during exercise, raise blood glucose levels and potentiate insulin release for improved nutrient delivery to muscles, and support the secretion of insulin-like growth factors.

If you're an athlete on a budget, After Mass post-workout formula from ProSource checks all the boxes of your muscle-building nutritional requirements at an affordable price.


BioQuest Muscle Maize

Multiple Muscle Supporting Mechanisms in One Super Supplement

* Twenty Grams of a Super-Premium Whey Isolate / Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Blend
* Additional BCAAs and Glutamine for Rapid-Action Protein Synthesis
* Advanced High-Molecular Weight Carbohydrate for Insulin-Potentiated Nutrient Delivery
* Hormone-Support Activation Blend for Increased Power, Endurance and Vitality
* Focus and Intensity Blend of Key Aminos and Herbal Extracts

Why You Should Add It To Your Regimen:

You want a super-comprehensive, all-in-one muscle and performance support technology that eliminates the need to take a schedule of different supplements throughout the day. If you're a serious and experienced athlete, Muscle Maize offers the opportunity to truly replace many individual supplements that can cost a lot of money and may not be working in precise ratio for maximum results. If you're just beginning your fitness journey, Muscle Maize is the perfect "starter's kit" for physique transformation.

Primary Ingredients and Benefits:

Muscle Maize from BioQuest is unique among supplements in the scope and power of its muscle-supporting mechanisms. It contains high-quality whey plus additional BCAAs and glutamine to support protein synthesis, endurance and strength support, plus co-factors that address muscle cell volumization, nutrient transport and muscle pump. Testosterone-boosting herbal extracts and ZMA provide hormone support, while key aminos and herbal extracts support workout focus and intensity.

Finally, the high-molecular-weight waxy maize in Muscle Maize is essential for stimulating insulin production, which enhances nutrient transport to muscle tissue, activates growth initiation factors and prevents muscle protein breakdown. Waxy maize also restores glycogen reserves which, when severely depleted during intense exercise, can lead to additional muscle loss.

If you've ever wondered if your supplementation regimen was providing too much or too little of any number of essential nutrients -- or just wanted to save money on the supplements you take -- Muscle Maize was formulated for you.

1 Frestedt JL1, Zenk JL, Kuskowski MA, Ward LS, Bastian ED. A whey-protein supplement increases fat loss and spares lean muscle in obese subjects: a randomized human clinical study. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2008 Mar 27;5:8. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-5-8.

2 From "An Open Label Clinical Trial Evaluating the Effects of MyoZene with Resistance Training on Changes in Body Muscle Strength." Lidia Lou, MS, Samantha Feldman MS, RD, William Chong BS, Douglas Kalman PhD, RD, FACN, Diane R. Krieger, MD. May 2008. Presented at the 2008 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.

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