Maintaining Positivity and Mental Toughness

Maintaining Positivity and Mental Toughness

Hi everyone! Sorry for being away from the writing for so long. I have had quite the summer filled with lots of ups and downs and just been super busy. Again, all thanks go out to ProSource for asking me to do this but most importantly, the incredible supplements that keep me going and growing year after year.

My supplementation program remains the same – ProSource brand MyoZene, Leucine, Creatine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Beta Alanine, AKG, Taurine, Tyrosine, BCAAs,  Amino Fusion, NytroWhey, Niacin, Glutamine, and Extreme Caffeine religiously and as directed. The results speak for themselves.
A couple of months ago I was discussing with ProSource what the next article should be about because I have written where it all started, my diet and supplementation, my routines and so on. What else is there?


I eat clean and lift weights, isn’t that what this is all about? The response I received was “ how about maintaining positivity outside of weight training?” I was set back a little because weight training is what keeps me positive. If my weight training is going well, I’m positive and if not then I’m not positive. Pretty straight forward right?

Create A Routine That Works For You ... And Stick To It

In all honesty though, weight training, diet, and supplementation was just a piece. I have had numerous life challenges going on this summer, a pandemic that has actually been shaping this country into something none of us seem to recognize anymore, and extreme work challenges.

Was I positive all of the time? Not even close but I had a routine that I had relied on for quite a few years. You see I’m a routine kind of guy and if my routine suffers then I suffer. The routine is actually what saved me from losing my mind during these trying periods.

What do I mean by that? Even though there were all of these life events happening I stuck to my routine as closely as possible believing that things will change eventually and hold onto what you have.

Weights and reps would go up and down, body weight fluctuated more than I wanted, I would look flat, etc but I kept going to my gym (I may have dropped a couple of extra lift days in the summer but thank God I had a home gym during these harder times. Nobody could see my struggles).



I kept my eating schedule, and kept my supplementation schedule. Even taking time off from work was hard because I needed my routine to maintain my sanity. Despite all of this I made my yearly goal of adding 10lbs for the year while staying lean, just like the year before. 

Mental Toughness Will Get You Through

I know it sounds crazy but it works, just keep doing what you do and things will turn around. Most of this comes with mental toughness. Have I always had it, no. I have developed it over time by dealing with lows in my weight training.

If you look back at your life and think about times where you struggled or couldn’t seem to move forward on anything you will see that you eventually did. Was it painful? Yes, but you should have stored that event away to fall back on the next time a low comes your way. This is what aspiring to be as aesthetically pleasing I can be, does for me.

Do this for you and seek to be what you see as spectacular (not someone else’s idea of how you should look). It takes mental toughness to work through the lows. In weight training I believe they come more frequently than normal life stuff, so I believe by practicing and remembering that I got through the lows and was better for it. It equips me in all of life’s ups and downs. The best part to me is breaking through that wall and running to the next, not walking but running.

Making Changes Where They're Needed
Now I’m going to share with you the changes I've made in the past three weeks. For me it has been absolutely phenomenal and right on time.

My weightlifting anniversary runs August to August and ever since I got my feet under me in this weight training thing I've made personal goals and commitments to reach every August in an attempt to get bigger and better.

Last year was no different. The closer I get to August the harder I work to ensure and meet that goal thus running on the edge of burn out. Two Augusts ago I crashed from overtraining two weeks before 8/1. This year I ran out of gas a couple of days into August.



That's when I put my plan together because it worked last year. The only difference this year was that I'm much healthier than last year at this point, physically and mentally. The first thing was keep to working out, go ahead and miss a couple of extra days but keep going and think about how I'm going to feel when I recover. Got it!

That tells me that we're coming back, moving more weight on every exercise and going for the same reps but not until the day you show up and the body says that this is the time. Okay got it.

Since I decided that August was throttle back a tad, my diet slipped up. A few donuts, pie, cake, pastries, and candy or whatever. I was still working out though as much as normal for the most part. Hold the weights the same, reps steady, just hang on.

In prep for "the day" I begin readjusting the diet by adding about 200 additional calories per day primarily eating almonds. Also added some more fish for dinner. Next was water intake. 1-1.5 gallons wasn't enough. Let's shoot for 2 gallons. Now my sleep gradually got better with these changes. Two weeks ago my body said bring it and I did, just exploded. By far the best I've ever been and those are the only changes.
No matter what stick with it, follow your plan, listen to your body, and rely on what you have been through, your experiences in life. You’ve made it this far and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing but you made it. Use that to push yourself forward. Life is primarily mental, control your mind and your body will follow!

Remember, your body doesn’t like stress so it tells your mind to stop whatever is stressing it. Take control of your mind and make your body respond. Go for it guys!
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