Celebrating 25 Years of Sports Nutrition Excellence

1996 was a pretty good year. The first DVDs appeared. There was a new place to watch news, something called the Fox News Channel. Dolly the cloned sheep was born. A little thing called the Internet grew from 1 million users worldwide to almost 10 million.

And in Manasquan, New Jersey, an ambitious company dedicated to the notion that advanced scientific research and product development could improve the lives of athletes and fitness-conscious people, was founded.

The sports training and supplementation world was a different place then. Creatine monohydrate was an expensive luxury item mostly associated with Olympic competitors and pro baseball players. Pre-workout supplementation was a cup of black coffee. People still debated whether it was possible to formulate a pure whey protein supplement that wasn’t gritty, sour, and unpalatable. Protein bars? Forget it. Real, sustainable, science-based natural testosterone enhancement? Nothing.

The research and development experts who gathered under the ProSource banner -- and eventually at affiliated brand BioQuest as well -— knew that something better was possible. In fact, it was this very team that had researched and formulated Xenadrine RFA, the weight-loss phenomenon that was already revolutionizing diet-support science and becoming one of the biggest selling supplements in history. So they knew a little about success.

Establishing a New Higher Standard for Supplement Formulation, Manufacturing and Retailing

In 1996, the supplement industry was the equivalent of a Wild West town during the Gold Rush. A lot of cowboys were looking to get rich quick and very few of them knew what they were doing. Research budgets were virtually nonexistent. Products were slapped together with little regard for scientific research or ingredient purity and potency. And then they were slapped with outrageous price tags.

The ProSource management team approached sports nutrition from a scientific perspective. Just as importantly, they knew there was a tremendous amount of value to be leveraged in supplement formulation and manufacturing, and that value could be passed on to the consumer in the form of better products for lower prices. Thus the ProSource retailing model was born.

There are two ways you can build a brand in the sports nutrition industry. You can pour all of your budget into marketing gimmicks and sponsorships, while shortchanging research and development. Or you can focus your due diligence on scientific investigation and manufacturing excellence, and create the kind of quality products that people make the effort to seek out and share with their friends. ProSource is proof that the second option works.

ProSource has always sold its own products through its own warehouse and shipping operations, ensuring the absolute best customer service, while cutting out every added expense that serves to inflate the retail prices of our competitors. These marketing and distribution efficiencies put ProSource in the unique position of being able to underwrite the research necessary to the formulation of truly ground-breaking supplement technologies and to utilize only the highest grade ingredients and most potent dosages in our products.

A Wake-Up Call to the Industry: Better Products at Lower Prices

In the 1990s, manufacturers charged outrageous prices for inferior creatine monohydrate simply because they could. ProSource put a stop to that right away by purchasing the world's best creatine monohydrate -- genuine Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate from AlzChem Germany -- in bulk consignments, and merchandising that highest-quality creatine under its own brand. The result -- a significantly better product at a lower price -- transformed the creatine marketplace, and ProSource Creatine Monohydrate remains the industry gold standard to this day.

ProSource's Original NytroWhey had a similar effect on the protein category. Original NytroWhey paved the way for the modern era of high-bioavailability, great-tasting, pure whey isolate formulas that we know today. Original NytroWhey was the first 100% whey isolate formula processed via a superior cross-flow microfiltration method ideal at preserving the elusive and invaluable micro fractions in whey.

Years later, ProSource would again lead the way by introducing NytroWhey Ultra Elite, a state-of-the-art premium protein that added two of the most cutting edge protein technologies in existence -- an advanced whey hydrolysate and a leucine-peptide-bonded form of protein -- to the original 100% whey isolate. Again, ProSource was years ahead of the industry curve, innovating in an area that other companies hadn't even thought to explore. And again, ProSource's super-premium proteins were priced at or below the price points of markedly inferior products from other manufacturers.


Another example of ProSource entering uncharted territory in the sports nutrition science realm involves natural testosterone enhancement. Before ProSource arrived on the scene, male hormone support products were primarily dubious blends of unproven ingredients -- horny goat weed, oyster extract, ginseng, etc -- hawked on late-night TV. Most legitimate researchers believed that natural testosterone enhancement was an impossibility.

ProSource thought otherwise. It invested years of investigation and great research capital into evaluating mechanisms of action, eventually identifying and then refining a unique natural agent of male hormone support. ProSource became the only manufacturer that has ever succeeded in overcoming the processing, standardization, and cost hurdles inherent in incorporating clinically meaningful amounts of this protodioscin-rich botanical super compound into a clinically validated supplement.

The result was AndroTest, a true clinical-grade technology of natural testosterone support that serves as another example of ProSource's science-based approach to product development. Today, AndroTest is our most positively reviewed supplement ever, trusted by countless men to maximize their vitality, youthfulness and overall wellness into the 40s, 50s, and beyond.

Protein bars, too, was a category sorely in need of innovation. The primitive protein bars of the '90s and early '00s were gritty, chalky, chewy confections mostly devoid of nutritive content. When the ProSource Research Team tackled the challenge of protein bars, they tasked themselves with creating a bar that both contained the highest-quality proteins AND boasted gourmet-quality flavor. Our competitors scoffed at the notion.

And they were proved wrong again. When it appeared, the Supreme Protein bar was the first true muscle-supporting protein bar, powered by highly bioactive and nutritious 100% whey protein. It also featured a luscious triple-layer recipe that made it a taste sensation among fitness-conscious people.

The Supreme Protein bar went on to become a best-selling phenomenon in the high-protein bar category, available in numerous popular flavors. It was also, by its very nature as a healthy grab-and-go snack, a rare but logical foray into third-party retailing for ProSource -- where it became a huge seller in convenience stores across the country.

We could cite many more examples of ProSource's visionary innovation over the years, but our purpose here isn’t only to celebrate the successes of the past. We’re here to talk about ProSource's bright future as an enterprise dedicated to furthering the science of sports nutrition for the benefit of athletes and fitness conscious people everywhere. We were doing this when this industry was in its first golden era, and we’re still doing it today.

Improving on Protein Perfection

Exhibit A for ProSource's unwillingness to settle for the status quo is NytroWhey Ultra Elite, ProSource's flagship protein. There are many, many people who have been using NytroWhey Ultra Elite exclusively to help them maintain their peak physiques for over a decade now. They simply won’t use another protein. NytroWhey, after all, has always stood head and shoulders above every other protein by virtue of its super-premium protein blend, its delicious taste and smooth light texture. It is also, because of our aforementioned retailing model, the sports nutrition marketplace’s ultimate protein value.

So what did ProSource do? It made NytroWhey Ultra Elite an even better value. New and Improved NytroWhey Ultra Elite incorporates several recent cutting-edge advances in super-premium protein processing to increase its super-high-quality protein content by a substantial twenty percent per serving. At the same time, new NytroWhey Ultra Elite is even more ideally suited for clean, healthy, low-carb diets by virtue of several adjustments to its nutritional profile that make it simpler, more natural, more digestible and more bioavailable. In addition, the last traces of gluten and soy have been removed, fiber content has been reduced and healthy fats sourced from sunflower oil have been added.

NytroWhey Ultra Elite has always been celebrated for its luscious flavor and smooth texture. Now these improvements to NytroWhey Ultra Elite's already award-winning and industry-leading formulation have resulted in a protein that is even more of a gourmet-quality taste sensation.


A New Science of BCAA Muscle Growth Support

Making the best products even better is ProSource's ongoing mission. Of course, ProSource is also always researching, formulating and launching entirely new products to help athletes and fitness-conscious people achieve their physique and performance goals.

One of ProSource's most exciting new ventures represents a bold evolutionary step forward in the science of muscle performance and growth enhancement. Amino Fusion facilitates growth and recovery via a Two-Phase Muscle + Growth Technology. Its first wave is powered by rapid-uptake PepForm® Leucine Peptides precision-engineered to unleash a rapid intra-workout flood of leucine into the blood, triggering maximized protein synthesis. A second wave utilizes instantized BCAAs to provide a steady flow of aminos into the blood, positively impacting endurance, while further optimizing post-workout growth and recovery.

Amino Fusion is cutting-edge muscle fuel based on the latest research, which can be taken before, during or after your workout to maximize physique and performance results. This new science of faster, more efficient BCAA delivery is yet another example of ProSource's commitment to expanding the boundaries of sports nutrition supplementation.

A Legendary Diet-Support Supplement, Now Amplified for Twice the Weight-Loss Power

There's exciting news from ProSource's affiliated BioQuest brand as well. BioQuest is the home of the state-of-the-art ultra-rapid-action mass-building formula MyoZene and the multi-pathway pre-workout performance optimizer Fusion Force, among other cutting-edge supplements.

It is also home to BetaStax Elite, the advanced complex of fat loss and energy-boosting catalysts that has helped so many fitness-conscious people attain their weight-loss goals over the years. And now that celebrated transformational supplement has been enhanced with a dynamic new diet support technology for TWICE the weight-loss power.

The new BetaStax Elite 3.0 has been amplified with the addition of an advanced technology called Meratrim® that has been shown in independent clinical testing to help support significant reductions in both bodyweight and waist/hip circumference. This mechanism works in perfect tandem with a precision-synthesized green coffee bean extract that has also been validated in independent, randomized, placebo-controlled research in which test subjects experienced statistically significant decreases in weight and body mass index as compared to control. The result is fat-loss power far beyond that of any other product of its kind.

As in the case of NytroWhey Ultra Elite, BetaStax Elite 3.0 is an example of an industry-leading supplement being modified and improved because emerging science made it possible. ProSource (and BioQuest) are deeply committed to the research and development that provides its legions of loyal customers with the most powerful transformative tools available at the cutting-edge of sports nutrition science.

A Proud Legacy of Sports Nutrition Research and Development That Continues to This Day

Over the course of 25 years, ProSource has established standards of excellence our competition simply cannot afford to match. Today the ProSource brand is synonymous with superior quality and great value. As a new quarter century dawns, we are as committed as ever to due diligence in researching and formulated new products that earn the trust and loyalty of our valued ProSource customers. We look forward to having you with us on this exciting adventure.

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