Astounding Physique Transformation At Age 50!

Astounding Physique Transformation At Age 50!


Darrin Hills Gains Over 40 lbs of Muscle to Attain His Peak Physique

Every great transformation begins with a master plan and Darrin Hills was a man with a plan. All of his life, he'd been what is known as a hard gainer, a man with a slight build who had trouble gaining or keeping muscle.

At 5 feet 10 inches tall, he weighed 165 pounds and he suspected that much of that weight was body fat. Worse yet, he arrived at a time in his life (his late 40s) where many men really start to feel the symptoms of aging manifesting themselves. The sluggishness, the lack of vitality, the fat gain, the loss of muscle tone, the fall-off of endurance. For too many men, the approach of age 50 is an excuse for giving up.

But Darrin Hills had other plans.

"I became very serious about weight training a little over five years ago for two reasons; my final child leaving the house and some stressful times, " Darrin says. "I have always admired bodybuilders and wanted something other than my skinny framed self. Putting on weight in the form of muscle mass has always been very difficult for me. But my main reason for taking up training was for breaking tension from life and work. It soon became a passion and a lifestyle I wanted more than anything."

Building a Foundation For Growth

Darrin knew, before he did a single bicep curl, that he had to create a firm physiological and metabolic foundation for muscle gain. "In order to attain my goal, I knew I had a lot of learning and studying to do," Darrin says. "If a hard gainer like me was to get anywhere, needless to say, I had to discover what works and what doesn’t work for me."

The first thing he did was clean up his diet. "I didn’t really understand the importance of clean proper eating and supplementation until I got serious and started a routine. Those two elements are every bit as important as the training itself. As soon as I developed a consistent dietary plan, I had the potential for strength and muscle gain."


In the course of his study, Darrin realized that one critical physiological factor held the key to success or failure in his mission -- testosterone production. Testosterone levels in men begin declining after age 30 and only accelerate as you reach 40 and beyond. Declines in this all-important male hormone can negatively impact many aspects of overall wellness including sex drive, stamina, sleep quality, focus, recovery, strength, muscle mass, and general vitality. Darrin knew that he was right in the middle of this at-risk age group, but he was also reluctant to submit to expensive and artificial pharmaceutical treatments to support his T levels. Fortunately, there was another alternative.

In recent years, researchers have been finding evidence that protodioscin-rich botanical extracts, derived from the herb Tribulus terrestris, may have positive effects on testosterone production in males. Further study led Darrin to AndroTest from ProSource. AndroTest, the first true clinical-grade natural test booster, contains only the most potent raw Tribulus terrestris, harvested from southern Bulgaria, which is subjected to a highly advanced 4-phase multiple extraction method to yield the most potent protodioscin-rich extract, enhancing its efficacy. Indeed, its efficacy has been validated in a product-specific clinical test in which test subjects experienced major increases in free testosterone, averaging 59.75% over baseline.

It didn't take Darrin long to become one of the countless men who are taking AndroTest and experiencing enhanced power and performance in and out of the gym and an overall improved quality of life. "I look the best and am in the best shape of my life at 50," Darrin says. "It feels like life is just getting started. AndroTest has worked for me." Darrin also supplemented his newly clean diet with ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite super-premium, protein, Super MegaMax multivitamin, Omega-1250 healthy fats, Extra Strength Joint Command and Creatine Monohydrate.

Putting In Maximum Effort

Now, at last, he had a firm foundation for growth and was ready to sharply increase his productivity in the gym. "I’m constantly being asked about how many hours per day I spend in the gym but my training program is really quite basic," Darrin says. "I do an average of 90 minutes per workout and no cardio at all. My weight training is high intensity with rest periods at 75-90 seconds at a rep range of 6-8, so I try to go heavy 90% of the time, heart rate pushing 150bpm the majority of each workout. Each workout will generally include one or maybe two supersets but staying in the same rep range. My superset selection is set when I start my routine for the day.


"I’ve found that it is very important to listen to my body for overtraining and will take a few extra days off if needed after a month or two of this routine. I will also average 2-3 weeks per year of no training at all during vacations and always come back stronger. This is all done at home on a well-equipped free weight universal in a non-temperature controlled garage where temps can be 20F to 100F." (You can find Darrin's dietary and exercise regimens below.)

The Final Ingredient

There was one last addition to Darrin's supplementation regimen and it has made all the difference. MyoZene from BioQuest, the ultimate rapid-action mass builder, contains an ultra-hydrolyzed, rapid-action whey protein that's absorbed directly into the bloodstream for immediate utilization and unsurpassed muscle synthesis. It also provides the highest-quality creatine monohydrate for muscle cell volumization, key anabolic aminos to fuel recovery, and the exact amount of high-glycemic carbs to potentiate insulin secretion. In addition, an advanced leucine peptide technology provides maximally bioactive leucine (up to four times the amount of this essential amino found in other mass builders) to jumpstart anabolism. MyoZene was the final boost that Darrin needed to start transforming his physique in remarkable fashion.

"I started out at 165 pounds and probably plenty of fat, and since then I've gained an average of ten pounds of muscle per year," Darrin reports. "My current weight is 210 pounds at 6-7% body fat. I choose to stay lean year round and I maintain that through proper diet, ProSource supplementation, and training. With that combination, I know I can stay in beach body shape 365 days per year."

At 50 years old, Darrin Hills is in the best shape of his life! In 2020, you can be too!

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