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20 Lifestyle Tips For Achieving Your Peak Physique in 2023 -- Darrin Hills

Happy New Year everyone. Can you believe that it is 2023? Crazy thought, especially as I get older. I graduated high school in 1988! Cell phones? Forget it! But I do have to say that since I started my fitness journey, I feel much better than ever and have a great release when the days are tough. It's called high-intensity weight training and I am addicted.

For those of you that don’t know much about me, I started my fitness journey in early-mid 2015 at age 45. Not very savvy to the proper lifting, eating, and supplementation for growth, so the first year or two I was hit and miss with all of the above, including a few injuries.

I had the weight training underway, but just start somewhere, right? Sure, lift some weights and read up on what others are doing, apply, and see what you get.

What about supplementation? Being that I had a heavy search history on weight training, various target ads started showing up about T-boosters, proteins, and amino acids. My initial response was that I'd better look into this because I was a sponge. I wanted to put weight on, I wanted to stay lean, I wanted to be vascular, something most of us are after. You know, look like the big guys.

This is when I found ProSource in 2015. I started with some aminos, then some proteins, then some T-boosters and I could not believe how much better I felt in so many different ways. But growth was still lagging.

Why? Diet. Don’t forget to get your diet dialed in. Eat clean, small meals. My eating plan consists of 8 small meals per day currently and I will increase amounts on those 8 meals depending on what I am trying to do.

Build muscle or lean out. Always remember that there is no magic pill. It takes Intense exercise, a good healthy diet geared towards building or leaning out, quality supplementation of which the likes of only ProSource can deliver, and REST!

And please remember, it is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time. I am about to hit year 9 on my journey, 70 plus pounds heavier, more confident, strong, and healthy. And as always, thank you ProSource for the incredible proteins and supplements that have helped me get to this point at the very young age of 53.


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20 Lifestyle Tips For Achieving Your Peak Physique in 2023

1. Minimize alcohol at all cost, it is poison

2. Eat slower to allow leptin to release in your body. This tells your body when you are full

3. Sugar does not make you fat

4. Watching the news is a documented depressant. Exercise is a documented anti-depressant

5. Cardio is like day trading for quick profits. Weight training is like investing for retirement; it boosts metabolism

6. Muscle confusion is not a real thing

7. Eat as much fruit as you want. Nearly impossible to overeat

8. Black coffee and sparkling water are great appetite suppressants

9. To avoid after-dinner eating, brush your teeth

10. Cold showers minimize stress

11. The quantity of your food affects how you look. The quality of your food affects how you feel

12. If you struggle to consistently hit your workouts, do it first thing in the morning

13. Eggs are a superfood, not a food to avoid

14. You don’t need any gym equipment. All you need is your body

15. Minimize liquid-calorie sources like soda pop, cooking oils, and Starbucks sugar shakes

16. More muscles equals higher metabolism

17. A high-protein diet is the best diet

18. The way you think about yourself drives default actions. Stop saying you are lazy or worthless

19. Get plenty of sleep – Lack of sleep increases your hunger during the days, making it harder to lose fat

20. Water. Drink a lot of water – Relieves fatigue, enhances skin clarity, weight control, blood pressure regulation, body temp regulation, supports energy boosting, kidney function, digestive efficiency, and joint health
There are some things to keep in mind as you kick off the new year. Stay focused, stay positive, and when you do go to the gym or exercise, give your 100% for that day.

Thanks so much for reading and you can always find me on IG @darrinjhills

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