Mega BCAA Powder - 500 grams

Mega BCAA Powder - 500 grams

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500 grams
Mega BCAA Powder
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Mega BCAA Powder - 500 grams
Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon (4 grams)
Servings Per Container: ~125
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value *
L-Leucine 2g**
L-Isoleucine 1g**
L-Valine 1g**
** Daily Value not established.


Mega BCAA Powder

Anti-Catabolic and Energy Support Aminos


  • Premium Quality Ingredients in Precise Ratio

  • Spares Muscle During High Intensity Workouts

  • Helps Maintain Nitrogen Balance

  • Bodybuilding Staple

Most bodybuilders know that BCAAs (composed of the aminos leucine, isoleucine and valine) are the indispensable building blocks for the growth and maintenance of a lean, muscular physique. What many do not know, however, is that the quality of BCAA supplements can vary wildly from product line to product line. Now, you can buy these key anti-catabolic, muscle-sparing branched-chain amino acids with confidence when you choose the ProSource brand. Other manufacturers simply lack the ProSource direct-to-the-consumer cost advantage, and are forced to settle for inferior source material. And when quality suffers, so do results.

Fortunately, both Mega BCAA Capsules and Powder contain a precise ratio (2:1:1) of vastly superior, premium-grade aminos, leucine, isoleucine and valine. Of the three, leucine is especially critical to the mass building equation, primarily because of its significant role in protein synthesis. More and more evidence points to leucine as a potent, muscle-sparing, anabolic support nutrient. In the form of BCAAs, leucine is most effective when taken with the other two aminos. For example, isoleucine is needed to help support energy levels, and valine is necessary for muscle metabolism support, tissue repair and proper maintenance of nitrogen balance. Synergistically, these powerfully anti-catabolic amino acids work together to help energize, protect and build muscle tissue.

For a crucial supplement like BCAAs, you need the best quality you can find. Like all ProSource sports supplements, Mega BCAA Powder and Capsules are made with the absolute highest quality ingredients available industry-wide to ensure maximum purity, potency and results!


Use as directed with a sensible nutrition and exercise program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, add 1 or 2 level teaspoons to your protein shake and mix thoroughly. For optimal use, take twice per day, once between meals and a second dose after training.

Note: The appearance of any floating particles when mixing is a normal occurrence.

Customer Reviews 41 item(s)

I bought this product because of the price for the amount. Good straight forward bcaa product. The taste is really bitter though. I mix this with vectron strawberry and it makes the vectron taste some what bitter.
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
Love this product. Strength has improved a ton use in my shakes and post workout drinks. I feel it has added to my improvements in workouts...Thank you Prosource...
(Posted on 2/24/2015)
I take these post workout. Good value. I would have given five stars, but they mix poorly like all BCCAs. Also they no longer say they are ajinomoto aminos like they used to be.
(Posted on 11/4/2014)
Great product at an affordable price. The taste on its own is not the best and it does not mix well when shaken in a cup. I prefer to add this to my protein shake when mixing in a blender.
(Posted on 8/25/2014)
Mixes pretty well. I recommend mixing it with whey protein or a preworkout powder because it tastes a little bitter on its own. Great value for the money!
(Posted on 5/1/2014)
Excellent product. The taste is mild and mixes well without a blender.
(Posted on 1/20/2014)
Not what I expected at all. If you like clumps and bad taste get it. It will not desolve in water. Just clumps up. There are many better products that will disolve. Taste is terrible. Be better off snorting this one up the nose.
(Posted on 11/13/2013)
Excellent product at an affordable price !!! Mix in blender to avoid clumping !!!
(Posted on 9/20/2013)
great product at a great price. Taste very bad but works great when mixed with whey protein. Recommend using a blender or blender ball to prevent clumping.
(Posted on 6/22/2013)
Not bad, but not good either. [Other products are] a better option in regards to taste, mix-ability, flavors, and price per gram of each amino (not servings).
(Posted on 6/13/2013)
Great quality product for the price. I recommend mixing in a blender to avoid clumps. The taste is a little bitter, but tolerable when added to other flavored drinks or whey protein.
(Posted on 12/28/2012)
Tremendous value. Taste is tolerable when mixed in Crystal Light or Vitamin Water Zero.
(Posted on 12/7/2012)
Quality and price are great.
Doesn't mix well but thats a very minor issue.
Tastes a bit harsh but that is also a very minor issue given the benefits.
(Posted on 12/3/2012)
Great value for a BCAA. Sort of difficult mixability.
(Posted on 10/24/2012)
The quality of this stuff is on par with other BCAA only products. This stuff doesn't mix well at all and seems to have a mild sulfur after taste. I use a small bullet blender to mix it and it seems to help. Good value for the money in compairison to others, about 18 cents per teaspoon.
(Posted on 10/4/2012)
Great product, good price and value.
(Posted on 9/4/2012)
Good bcaa's at a reasonable price. Simple and noticeably effective. Kudos to prosource.
(Posted on 7/26/2012)
Excellent Pre-intra supplement to mix with carbs. Great price mixes well and one of the few BCAA supps that actually has no taste. Most are very bitter this brand is perfect!
(Posted on 7/12/2012)
love this product. I use it to spare muscle during long cardio sessions
(Posted on 6/27/2012)
BCAA is a must have! ajinomoto brand, great price!
(Posted on 6/20/2012)
This stuff is great. can't live without it now that I have tried it. about to order my third bottle.
(Posted on 5/22/2012)
Pure free form bcaa's. No taste. Mixes very easy and a great addition to add to your other protein powders. Great supp for recovery and maintaining lean mass
(Posted on 5/8/2012)
I like this product, it mixes well with my protein shakes. Although it taste bad in some cases, it' a good product for a good price.
(Posted on 4/19/2012)
Can't really taste the "bad" everyone is talking about. Been taking it for about a week and so far so good. I'm sure I will be ordering more.
(Posted on 4/14/2012)
The only reason I'm not giving it 5* is because it doesn't mix worth a crap. BUT!!! I love this stuff. I mix it pre and post workout and I can feel the difference after only 2 weeks. I do recommend mixing a 1/2 scoop of protein to help mix it up
(Posted on 4/14/2012)
Excellent BCAA for the price. Second order and will be ordering more. So far all of the Prosource items I have used have been working very well and will continue to order and appreciate the quick and reliable delivery.
(Posted on 3/16/2012)
This is the best stuff for your money. I add it to my post workout protein drink also add prosource l-glutamine. Mixes well with both water, juice, milk,or whatever.
Well worth the money.
(Posted on 3/10/2012)
Ajinomoto is the best bcaa, and now that I found Prosource sells it for a good price, this is where I will purchase it. This is an excellent product. I just put it in my mouth and wash it down with a carb drink.
(Posted on 12/27/2011)
This could mix better; taste is harsh, but the price and health benefit are my primary concerns. It seems to speed my recovery.
(Posted on 12/9/2011)
"MEGA BCAA"!!!! They got it right!
(Posted on 10/21/2011)
For the price and the quality, it's hard to beat this. As soon as you open the jar, you know it's high quality stuff and a reasonable price.
(Posted on 8/23/2011)
Just started taking this product and have seen strength level increase already. Easily mixes with my post-workout shake!
(Posted on 7/15/2011)
Love this product. I stack it with ProSource Creatine, Ultra Glutamine and extrem 60 whey. I feel great and recovery is quick.
(Posted on 5/9/2011)
3 stars simply based on the taste it makes with other products. Whether it's juice or protein shakes, it kinda throws a little bitterness in it. But I noticed good results from this product as well so I guess the taste is worth it in the long run. However I wont buy it again simply based on the taste. Always a big fan guys. Keep making working out fun!
(Posted on 5/2/2011)
At 71 yrs young it helps to maintain my muscle mass
(Posted on 4/18/2011)
Great product. My recovery is great and I am seeing gains in muscle mass. I mix it with my protein shakes, and I can't even taste it.
(Posted on 4/17/2011)
I'm not in my early 20's anymore. combine that with dieting and my recovery period is about 4 days. This, combined with glutamine, cuts it in half.

only negative, it tastes absolutely horrible
(Posted on 6/1/2010)
Has a chalky taste, but this product works great I couldn't ask for anything more.
(Posted on 2/22/2010)
Good value as compared with Optimum Nutrition's BCAA, which costs the same as this but has 33 less product. The later mixes slightly better with less of a bitter taste than this product, but for the money, I'll be buying the ProSource product from now on.
(Posted on 1/17/2010)
Once again Pro-source demolishes the competition. Only a fool would pay more for inferior products
(Posted on 12/29/2009)
Great stuff highly recommend it can't beat the price and it just looks pure as soon as you open it
(Posted on 10/23/2009)

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