Up Your Mass - New Version

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Up Your Mass

Reformulated Version of the Popular Mass Gainer

MHP’s renowned weight gainer now delivers even more power with its newly revised formulation. With 50 grams of protein, 660 calories, low glycemic carbs, 11 grams of BCAAs and 8.9 grams of glutamine, adding mass and strength just got a little easier. The protein blend (in order of potency: whey concentrate, milk concentrate, hydrolyzed whey, whey isolate, calcium caseinate, egg white) is a quality mix well suited for weight gain benefit. Of course, it also delivers the go-to compounds of creatine monohydrate, digestive enzymes, dietary fiber and more. New Up Your Mass is available in three delicious flavors, Chocolate, Vanilla and Cookies & Cream. Get serious about adding mass with this category leader.

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