Under Pressure: Cagefight

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Under Pressure: Diary of a Cage Fighter slams viewers face-first into a little-seen world where blood, sweat and tears are the natural by-product of furious, raw battles between finely-tuned athletes clashing within the confines of a steel cage. When long haul trucker Todd Sturgis had an awakening and decided to follow his dream, he unwittingly took his wife along for the ride. It wasn't her dream but, regardless of how crazy it seemed at times, she loved him and supported him as he trained, boxed, wrestled, fought and clawed his way into the gritty world of cage fighting. She also captured every intense moment on film.
This is the story of director Tamera Sturgis and her husband Todd, during his quest from full-fledged armchair athlete to finely tuned professional fighter. The film captures not only the pure essence of the sport but also the raw emotions experienced by fighters and their families in a sport that boils competition down to its most fundamental elements. Filmed in a stunning and uncompromising Cinema Verite style, this film literally keeps the audience Under Pressure with vivid and skillfully edited fight sequences interspersed with an unflinchingly honest look at what a steel cage fighter must take on and what he must give up to become a champion.

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