Muscle Synergy Powder

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Muscle Synergy Powder
by Beverly International

 Post Workout Mass Building Formula

Muscle Synergy supplement technology is designed to address "The Four Factors" of muscle growth. All four factors interact synergistically to determine your average muscle-building signal strength.

Damage Control (Factor 1): Whether you're training for the first time ever, coming back from a layoff, or trying a different workout approach on for size (literally or figuratively), it involves a period of adjustment during which muscle damage and soreness, loss of performance, delayed recovery and impaired muscle-building signal production can result. With ingredients designed to address damage control, Muscle Synergy is formulated to support recovery motivation and gains.

Loss Prevention (Factor 2): Muscle is hard to gain and easy to lose at any age. Even 3 days off from training can raise levels of the muscle-building signal "blocker", myostatin. In 10 days, half of training-induced muscle gains can be lost. Losses like these aren't abnormal.

Work Capacity (Factor 3): Work capacity refers to how much force your muscles can generate over a given period of time. Like poor damage control and loss prevention, a low work capacity reduces your ability to generate strong muscle-building signals. It also means you can't burn as many calories or lose as much fat while working out. The list of complications stemming from a low work capacity is a long one indeed.

Pump (Factor 4): The pump is perhaps the most critical determinant of muscle-building signal strength. By supporting vasodilation, nitric oxide (NO) production, and the hydration and structural integrity of your muscle cells, Muscle Synergy helps you maximize the components of the pump and boost your average muscle-building signal strength 24/7.
Consume a total of 1 serving (2 full scoops = 26.86 g) of Muscle Synergy per day divided into two equal doses (1 full scoop or 13.43 g each). Mix each dose thoroughly with -4 oz of water before consuming. Some researchers (see REFERENCES) suggest that the optimal dose of HMB is 38 mg per kg (2.2 lb) of body weight. Bl recommends that individuals weighing 91 kg (200 lb) consume a total of 1.5 servings (3 full scoops = 40.29 g) of Muscle Synergy daily yielding 4.5 g of HMB.

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