Carnivor Mass

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Carnivor Mass by Muscle Meds

Carnivor Mass is more advanced than your typical mass gainer. It combines a best-of-breed hydrolyzed beef protein isolate with an amplifying technology called iSpike™. Carnivor Mass is designed to be a fast, clean and anabolic mass gainer.

Beef Protein Isolate: Beef has proven itself as an anabolic protein over centuries of use. Now MuscleMeds is the first to provide bodybuilders with a beef protein isolated from its proprietary matrix, thereby giving it the freedom to spike blood amino acid and insulin levels at speeds comparable with whey, resulting in comparable or even higher impact anabolic effects. MuscleMeds beef protein isolate (BPI) is 350% more concentrated in amino acids than steak and more concentrated than whey, with no fat or cholesterol. Plus its further enhanced with 5 grams of creatine and additional BCAAs for even greater anabolic power. With CARNIVOR MASS, you get the mass building benefits of beef protein at the speed of whey without the lactose, allergies and other problems frequently associated with the use of dairy products.
Directions: Add 16 fl ounces of water to a shaker bottle, blender, or other container. Add 4 scoops. Mix or blend until desired texture is achieved before drinking. For a thicker, sweeter shake, add less water. For a thinner shake, add more water.

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