Animal Pump

SKU: UNV013-01

Animal Pump

Cell Volumization / Creatine Kick!

Animal Pump is a performance supplement designed to help you blast through plateaus. Utilizing an advanced matrix of different forms of creatine, Animal Pump is designed for the serious lifter--for traditional creatine non-responders and for those who hate the dreaded creatine "bloat". In addition to a full daily dose of creatine (forms including MCC, CEE and TCM), Animal Pump also contains an NO boosting complex, an  energy complex, an antioxidant complex and potent cell volumizers, all wrapped up in a special nutrient transport complex. From top to bottom, Animal Pump is complete and comprehensive--you get everything you need, precisely dosed in a single convenient "pack".
Recommended Usage: As a supplement, take one pack per day. On training days, take 1 pack 30 minutes prior to training, preferably on an empty stomach.

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