Muscle Milk

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Muscle Milk
by Cytosport

Long-Established Hard-Gainer Formulation

Muscle Milk: Nature's Ultimate Lean Muscle Formula. Muscle Milk is a protein-enhanced formula that helps support increased strength, lean muscle growth, and fast recovery from exercise. Designed after one of nature's most balanced foods: human mother's milk, Muscle Milk takes the guesswork out high performance nutrition by delivering a precise blend of ultra-premium proteins, complex carbohydrates, functional fats, vitamins & minerals. No matter what your goals may be - building lean body mass, toning your physique, or weight control, Muscle Milk delivers on both results and taste!
RECOMMENDED USAGE: Mix two scoops in 10-12 fl. oz. water. Taste like real milk shake.

WARNING: Contains Ingredients Derived from milk and soy. This product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, soy, wheat and eggs.

BEFORE & DURING WORKOUTS: Take MUSCLE MILK one hour prior to workout. For a truly awesome workout, take FAST TWITCH Power Workout Drink Mix before and during your workout.

AFTER WORKOUTS: Take MUSCLE MILK within one hour of completing your workout. After workouts, the body is in a catabolic state. MUSCLE MILK helps reverse this muscle breakdown by providing the necessary nutrients for muscle synthesis.

PRIOR TO BEDTIME: Sleep is actually a catabolic period. Remember, breakfast means to "break your fast." During any fast, you break down precious muscle tissue for energy. MUSCLE MILK will help you wake up more anabolic.

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