Super Amino+

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Super Amino+
BCAA and BCKA Recovery Formula


MHP's recent addition to its Core Series of sports nutrition supplements is an amino-based recovery formula that features two unique and unusual approaches to post-exercise muscle protein synthesis and repair. The first is a BCAA component that is a little low in overall content (2500 mg as opposed to the more common 5000 mg) and very sharply tilted toward leucine content (a 10:1:1 leucine to isolecine to valine ratio that is in sharp contrast to the more common 2:1:1 ratio). The second component is a complex of alpha-keto-leucine, alpha-keto-isoleucine and alpha-keto-valine calcium salts (or BCKAs) which are said to said to spare muscle tissue and recycle BCAAs to spur recovery. Super Amino+ also contains 1000 mg of the popular muscle pump facilitator L-citrulline.

Directions For Super Amino+ Capsules: Take 4 capsules with 8 fl. oz. of water.

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