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Pure BHB

SKU: PSP226-01

Ketosis-Supporting Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Supplement Powder

PURE BHB from ProSource+ is your ideal source for the pure exogenous ketones that is designed to help you reach ketosis more swiftly and efficiently and stay in that beneficial state even during brief intervals of higher carb intake. PURE BHB is sourced entirely from industry gold standard goBHB®, is 100% vegan, carb-free and gluten-free, and contains absolutely no needless artificial colors or flavors. Get into ketosis and stay there with PURE BHB!

PURE BHB offers real benefits for fitness-conscious people:

• Getting into ketosis can be uncomfortable and difficult, as your body must increase ketone production in order to burn fat (as opposed to carbs) for energy. The exogenous ketones in PURE BHB will help you make that transition easier

• Take PURE BHB 30 minutes before your workout to support workout energy, focus and clarity

• Easily mixes with water, protein shakes, milk or any cold beverage. Just shake and go!

• Pure exogenous ketones with a light, clean taste: no carbs or artificial flavors/colors, vegan and gluten-free

• Powered by super-premium GoBHB® exogenous ketones
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Shake or stir one scoop into 8oz of cold water. Mix for at least 30 seconds, allow another 30 seconds for powder to fully dissolve into the liquid. May be consumed on an empty stomach at any time during the day as needed for energy. Do not exceed 2 scoops per day. Use only as directed.

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