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X-Fit Warrior
Daniel "Boomsauce" Tyminski's introduction to CrossFit wasn't a matter of wandering into a gym to try this popular training regimen. Instead, the Long Island native first became interested in cross-training when he was stationed in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. Like many soldiers, staying in tip-top shape was important not just for physical conditioning that could be a lifesaver out in the field, but also to help relieve stress during downtime back at base camp. He recalls that one of his buddies introduced him to this new high intensity, greatly varied training style and he was hooked instantly.

"The thing I loved about CrossFit right from the start was its wide open structure -- it's all about constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity," Boomsauce says. "Because we didn't have much in the way of traditional lifting equipment overseas, this type of workout -- which utilized bodyweight and whatever weighted implements we could get our hands on -- was much more appropriate."

After serving 6 years in the Army, Tyminski returned home with a new outlook on life. He continued training in a highly varied style and it wasn't long before he decided to begin competing in CrossFit and embrace his new sport as his fitness career.

In just two years of participating in CrossFit competitions, Daniel "Boomsauce" Tyminski has made quite a name for himself. Entering the New York/New Jersey Sectionals on a whim in 2010, he placed second -- which immediately lit the competitive fire within him. A year later, in only his second competition, he was the runner-up in the CrossFit Northeast Regionals, thereby qualifying for the CrossFit Games. He exploded onto the national stage, placing 25th and endearing himself to the fans with his affable personality and explosive competitive spirit.

The year 2011 was a banner one for Boomsauce. Aside from his strong finish at the CrossFit Games in California, he won four different regional events, including the Beast of the East title. He kicked off 2012 with a bang by claiming the Pennsylvania's Fittest and Albany Tri-State Throwdown titles. He followed that with an impressive runner-up at the North East Regionals, where he won two of the six events. Then it was onto the 2012 CrossFit Games, where he finished in an impressive 14th place out of 46 competitors.

FREE Bodybuilding CatalogAt the same time he was training to be one of his sport's best, he became certified in CrossFit as a trainer and decided to open his own training facility (or "box" as these gyms are known among crossfitters) -- CrossFit Lindy, in Lindenhurst, N.Y. The business grew quickly and he moved his box to West Babylon, NY. At the same time, he took his competitive aspirations to a higher level.

Fresh off the strong 2012 Games finish, Tyminski returned to Long Island and immediately completed another move of his CrossFit Lindy box into a bigger facility in Copiague, N.Y. With class attendance expanding and his popularity growing, he had no choice but to relocated to bigger digs.

When he's not teaching classes or competing, Daniel focuses on his own extreme training. He changes his workouts every day to keep his training varied and his body fresh. The constant alteration is also critically important in keeping his mind focused while avoiding boredom. CrossFit workouts are typically short and of extremely high intensity, utilizing both aerobic and anaerobic energy cycles and pushing the body to the limit. And the competition format calls for surprise workouts, which makes it difficult to train extensively to be prepared for any competition. The only way to succeed in this training is to be strong mentally. The old adage that "pain is temporary, pride is forever" is a rule Boomsauce lives by in every workout.

"I vary my workouts, but push myself hard at all times," he says. "Just as I program new and different workouts at my box, I'm always throwing different challenges up for myself so I constantly adapt and get stronger and improve my conditioning."

But just because the 5'11", 195-pounder does lots of unorthodox exercises such as stone lifting, weighted carries and sled pushes in his daily workouts doesn't mean he avoids more traditional lifts. After all, Olympic lifts and various powerlifts make up a good portion of CrossFit workout regimens. To his credit, Daniel's bests at these mainstay exercises include 335 lbs. in the power clean, 265 in the snatch and 335 in the Olympic style front squat. He also does reps with 425 in the back squat.

The 26-year-old entrepreneur and fast-rising CrossFit star eats a pretty varied diet with only one real rule to guide him: "I eat as many calories as my body will allow me to eat," he says. "I have a fast metabolism, which means I have to constantly feed my body or I'll lose muscle mass and drop weight. I eat clean, but I eat a lot!"

One of the biggest differences Daniel points to in his jump from 25th in 2011 to 14th in the 2012 CrossFit Games is his reliance on MHP supplements. Early in his CrossFit career, he didn't know about the many benefits of using performance nutrition supplements (such as is common in bodybuilding or powerlifting).

Buy X-Fit Trainer on sale from MusclePharm
Buy X-Fit Trainer on sale from MusclePharm
"When I was training for the 2011 Games, I was constantly fatigued and felt like I wasn't fully recovering from my training," he recalls. "But when I started using MHP supplements such as the X-FIT TRAINER pre-workout, Dark Matter post-workout and X-FIT POWER recovery formula last winter, I noticed a huge difference in my recuperation and performance. I can honestly say that these products were a big part of my improvement in placing at this year's Games."

Sample daily workout:
Morning: 5 sets x 5 reps in the Back Squat. I'll work up to a 5-rep max for my last set. On Monday I did 385 lbs. for 5 on the final set. I'll rest 3 hours, then do the second part of my daily session:
Row 500 meters as fast as possibe, rest 2 minutes, then repeat. I'll do 4 total sets with 2 minutes between them. Then I will rest again for 4 hours before finishing the third part of my training:
I'll perform 3 sets of the squat snatch and pull-ups superset, aiming for fastest time to get through them. The reps are 21-15-9 for each exercise (3 supersets total). Then I'm done!
Sample Diet:
Morning Pre-Workout: MHP ISOFAST protein shake with BCAA 3300 and Activite multi-vitamin.
Post-workout: Dark Matter shake.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with wheat toast.
Post-Workout: ISOFAST protein shake.
Lunch: Chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries.
Afternoon Pre-Workout: X-FIT TRAINER.
Post-Workout: Another Dark Matter shake.
Dinner: Steak with asparagus and sweet potato.
Snacks include almonds throughout the day

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