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The effects of protein intake
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 on muscle protein synthesis are well documented after resistance exercise, but few studies have examined other types of exercise.  A group of international researchers well respected for their work in exercise and protein requirements tested the effects of whey protein during short duration high intensity cycle sprints. Healthy men performed a cycling bout consisting of 10 bouts of short (6 sec) all-out sprints with 49 sec rest in between bouts.  On one occasion they ingested a non-caloric placebo before the test. On another occasion they consumed 24 grams whey protein isolate with 4.8 grams additional leucine plus 50 grams carbohydrate before exercise. Compared to placebo, muscle protein synthesis measured specifically in the myofibriallar fraction over the 4 hours of recovery was increased on average 48%. These findings are the first to show provision of protein and carbohydrate before sprint cycling enhances anabolic signaling and muscle protein synthesis.

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