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Whey Protein Optimized For Ultimate Value

Whey Protein Optimized For Ultimate Value

Whey Protein Value and Quality,
Redefined for a New Generation of Athletes

In a perfect world, we would all be pro bodybuilders (or high-profile physique competitors) and our trainers and advisors would administer our nutritional regimens. In the real world, however, aspiring bodybuilders have to be part athlete, part accountant, and part science researcher.

It’s a tough job and the stakes are high. Inadequate nutrition will undermine the most aggressive, high-intensity workouts, robbing your body of the fuel it needs to recover and grow. That’s why it’s so important to know EXACTLY what’s in your whey protein supplement, microgram for microgram. You may think that obtaining this information is as easy as reading the ingredient label, but as we’ll soon see, even labels can be deceiving. The BEST way to assure that you’re getting the quality nutrition you need (and that you’re paying for) is to buy your supplements from a manufacturer that has earned your trust.

For almost twenty years, ProSource has been the athlete’s invaluable ally and resource. Our long-established expertise at negotiating lower prices for quality ingredients, and then keeping prices super low via our direct-to-consumer retailing model, is unrivaled in the industry. As a result, in this era of lawsuits and scandal attaching itself to major industry players, ProSource maintains a sterling reputation for integrity, honesty, and perceived value. And that reputation extends to our newest innovation, Precision Whey Protein.

A New Kind of Whey Protein Formula, Conceived
and Formulated For Maximum Bodybuilding Value

When you read the ingredient panel of Precision Whey Protein and see that it provides 25 grams per serving of whey protein, you can be sure that’s exactly what you’re getting. That means no cheap fillers, no soy, no unquantifiable, unproven “protein blends.” Just high-quality whey protein, formulated via low temperature micro-filtration to preserve the protein fractions (alphalactalbumin, lactoferrin, and glycomacropeptides) essential for growth and recovery. This protein content is 100% sourced directly from Glanbia® Nutrition, the world’s foremost protein manufacturer, so you can trust its purity, potency, and power, even as you enjoy its clean, luscious flavor and smooth texture.

Precision Whey Protein is powerful muscle-building fuel, 100% consistent and accurate in its labeling, and provided to you at a price no other manufacturer in our industry could ever match. To understand how unusual this achievement is, and why it’s so revolutionary, you have to understand what’s going on in the supplement industry as a whole right now.

An Epidemic Of Ingredient Substitution,
“Protein Spiking” and Deceitful Labeling

Over the last five years or so, the marketplace for wholesale protein has been radically altered, and not in a good way. Commodity prices for whey protein have skyrocketed, doubling and even tripling at times. And yet, shelf prices of protein formulas have NOT doubled and tripled. (Consumers, in these difficult economic times, would be hard pressed to double their spending on protein.) So what’s happening here?

ProSource has proven very fortunate and visionary in that we already had a very streamlined, cost-efficient, direct-to-consumer retailing model in place when turmoil upset the protein marketplace. This model allows us to strip every last vestige of unnecessary cost overhead from our manufacturing and pricing, permitting us to keep prices uniquely low. No inflated advertising budgets, no expensive endorsement deals, no ancillary costs involved in shipping our product to chain stores and supermarkets. This model has helped us survive and thrive, while passing on unprecedented savings to you, our loyal customers.

Other manufacturers (many of them well known) have been unwilling and unable to follow ProSource’s example. Instead, they have resorted to tinkering with the content of their offerings to cut costs. The least honest, most generic companies simply top off their jugs with soy protein (sometimes linked to hormonal irregularities and decreased mineral absorption and utilization) and even lesser fillers and gelatins, and call it whey protein.  These companies are beneath contempt and every serious athlete should know better than to seek unlikely “bargains” from them.

Other manufacturers label their products more or less correctly, and hope you won’t notice telltale signs. In the tiny print at the bottom of the label, they may list soy protein or calcium caseinates first or second, before whey protein. This means that whey protein is already less than 50% of the protein in that jug, and probably much less. Worse, a label may contain two separate protein blends, double-slicing the ingredient pie, so to speak, and making it even more difficult to determine actual whey protein content.

And finally, there’s another breed of manufacturer that resorts to the more sophisticated practice of “protein spiking.” The amount of whey protein in a supplement is measured by determining nitrogen content. Whey protein is a particularly nitrogen-rich ingredient. It is also expensive, as we’ve seen. Other common supplement ingredients (such as glycine, taurine, low-quality creatine, essential aminos, and even the simple sugar maltodextrin) also contain measurable nitrogen. Though each of these ingredients offers some benefits to athletes, they are certainly not complete proteins and do not offer the same benefits. They are also much cheaper than whey protein. When these ingredients are present in whey protein formulations, the manufacturer is required to subtract this content from the total, in order to arrive at a true nitrogen-based measurement of actual whey protein.

And, to put it simply, they don’t. Instead, they add largely inert glycine and taurine and cheap creatine to their products, measure the total nitrogen content of this concoction, and label it all "whey protein." The result, for the athlete, is disastrous. Accusations and lawsuits are springing up all over as independent third-party measurements of best-selling proteins show huge discrepancies between labeling and actual content. Protein formulas boasting 40 grams per serving of whey protein actually have 19. Whey protein powders claiming 25 grams of protein have less than 10. And now these manufacturers have begun to point accusatory fingers at each other, while, all along, it is the athlete who has been under-served.

ProSource exists in a realm far above this ugly conflict. ProSource has never – and never will – condone deceitful labeling practices or protein spiking, much less participate in it. That is not the ProSource Way, and we wouldn’t have prospered (along with our customers) for 20 years if it were. You have our guarantee that every product we manufacture and retail contains every microgram of pure, unadulterated protein content cited on its label.

A Powerful Bodybuilding Tool For Athletes Looking
To Maximize Every Dollar They Spend on Protein

No other company can match ProSource’s expertise and experience when it comes to researching, formulating, manufacturing, and retailing protein supplements. ProSource’s NytroWhey brand protein formulas have long been the gold standard in super-premium-quality muscle-growth-supporting protein formulas. And now, Precision Whey Protein is the latest embodiment of a proud tradition.

Precision Whey Protein delivers exactly what it promises – 25 grams per serving of high-quality whey protein, derived via sophisticated microfiltration methods to ensure maximized ingredient integrity and anabolic power. Precision Whey Protein is far superior to every other whey protein product in its category. And it’s available to athletes at a price that fits within any serious athlete’s budget. That’s a rare achievement in today’s protein marketplace, and we’re proud to lay claim to it.

Read more about Precision Whey Protein here.

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