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Whey Protein Helps Shed Excess Body Weight

In addition to the benefits that whey protein has on strength and muscle hypertrophy, whey also has positive effects on weight loss. Ninety overweight men and women were assigned to one of three supplement groups for 6 months: 1) 60g per day of whey protein, 2) 60g per day of soy protein, or 3) 60g per day of carbohydrate. These supplements were simply added to the normal diet of the participants, and no change was made to their exercise habits. Body composition and body weight were measured weekly until the end of the study. After 6 months, the group who consumed the whey protein daily lost significantly more weight and more body fat than the group who consumed the carbohydrate supplement. Also, the whey protein group had the lowest waist circumference of all three groups after the study period. Thus, compared to added calories from carbohydrate, added calories from whey protein can decrease body weight and body fatness in overweight men and women.

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