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Whey and antioxidant status
Let's face it; carrying extra body fat is not only unpleasing to the eye but also very unhealthy. Elevated body fat levels and associated oxidative stress can lead to cardiovascular problems that will shorten your life.
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If you are reading this, then you likely know the benefits of resistance training on cardiovascular health. Part of the protective effects of training is through adaptive increases in the body's antioxidant levels and healthy alterations in blood cholesterol. Interestingly, a recent study, published in Appetite, has illustrated that taking 30g of whey protein immediately after training and with lunch and dinner boosts the body's total antioxidant capacity by 4% over training alone. As well, the researchers reported an almost 7% decrease in blood cholesterol in those who exercised and used whey protein. Notably, they found no significant difference in cholesterol in those who trained but received a placebo. It was concluded that whey protein supplementation augments the favorable effects of exercise on antioxidant capacity and blood lipid profiles.

One final point, past research has shown that increased antioxidant status in the body also translates into shortened recovery time and increases in strength and muscularity.

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