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Weight Watchers and the Supreme Protein Bar - A Perfect Three-Point Match
Buy Supreme Protein Bars - Low Weight Watchers Points!Flexibility. It's the one aspect of the highly popular Weight Watchers diet that many people like most. People can eat what they like, as long as it fits within their daily "Winning Points" total. Even better, some incredibly delicious snacks fit perfectly within the Weight Watchers program, including the luscious and healthy four-layer snack treat, Supreme Protein.

The 50-gram Supreme Protein bar features an outrageously delectable combination of creamy nougat, crunchy peanuts, luscious caramel, and protein crisps, enrobed in real milk chocolate. Despite all that flavorful goodness, the Supreme Protein bar registers just three points on the Weight Watchers "Winning Points" scale.

Yes, that's right. A 50-gram Supreme Protein bar equals just three points.

Setting aside the point value for a moment, we see that the Supreme Protein bar also provides other unique benefits for Weight Watchers participants. Because the typical Weight Watchers diet tends to be low in fat, dieters often have a need for more healthy fats in their regimen. The Supreme Protein bar contains flax seed oil, a rich source of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid, which can be converted into EPA and DHA, both of which have been noted recently for their beneficial effect on blood lipids. Supreme Protein also contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

Just as importantly, the 50-gram Supreme Protein bar delivers 15 big grams of a state-of-the-art protein blend powered by whey protein isolate as the main protein source. And it has only 3 net carbs, only 2 grams of sugar and zero trans fat.

Better yet, the Supreme Protein bar goes wherever you go, so it's a quick and delicious way to fuel up, maintain energy, and stay within your Weight Watchers point total, even when you're on the run.

Add the 50-gram Supreme Protein bar to your Weight Watchers diet and you'll always have the ideal healthy snack alternative for keeping cravings at bay!