In bodybuilding circles (or physical fitness circles, depending on your goals) everybody wants to talk about the hottest, newest classes of supplementation. Everybody's trying the new NO vasodilators, the breakthrough T-booster, the new creatine/amino matrix. And there's good reason for that. Many of these exciting new technologies are dramatically effective.

All too often, however, we here at ProSource HQ see athletes going to great lengths to add cutting-edge supplements to their regimen, while ignoring the basic building blocks of good health. So what happens? General health suffers, immune systems falter, free radicals compromise basic muscle function and repair, and all the money spent on advanced supplements is largely wasted.

This is where an essential nutrient like Vitamin C comes in. Everybody needs Vitamin C, especially those who subject their systems to intense stress, like athletes. Most basically, Vitamin C is possessed of truly powerful antioxidant capacity. It helps clean up the free radicals and damaging reactive oxygen that flood your system at the cellular level after a workout, and it's a key agent for regenerating restorative vitamin E in the intracellular fluid. (On a side note, deficiencies in Vitamin C have resulted in scurvy in as little as 90 days. Scurvy is NOT attractive and does NOT benefit your workout regimen.)

Most importantly, Vitamin C's benefits are not strictly limited to general good health. C has very specific advantages for weight trainers as well. Vitamin C has been linked to the strengthening of bones and connective tissue, quicker healing of wounds, and greater elasticity and health of arterial walls, resulting in healthy blood pressure. Some studies printed in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research have shown that taking Vitamin C in doses of 1000 mg per day can reduce the secretion of cortisol, keeping testosterone levels high by making the ratio of cortisol to testosterone decrease, and consequently leading to faster muscle repair and growth. Vitamin C also supports normal glandular function, acts as a coenzyme for many metabolic pathways, and may prevent DNA damage caused by aging and arthritis. Vitamin C can reduce muscle soreness and normalize stress hormone concentrations. Finally, research shows that athletes who have poor Vitamin C status oxidized less fat during exercise compared to those with normal vitamin C levels. Supplementation with 500 mg/day of a vitamin C supplement for four weeks was shown to enhance fat burning during a 60 min exercise task. Plasma vitamin C levels were inversely related to fat oxidation meaning that the higher the vitamin C levels in the blood, the higher the fat burning.

In summation, C is good for you. Of course, some C's are better for you than others. When supplementing with Vitamin C, superior nutrient content, as always, is key. ProSource brand Vitamin C is a premium-grade formulation unique in its high levels of purity, potency, and bioavailability.

Here's today's "talking point," folks. Supplement diligently with Vitamin C and "C" your way to both vigorous good health and a more muscular, more ripped physique.