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The Arnold Sports Festival is a celebration of all things fitness -- and ProSource was on hand to be a part of it.

Arnold Classic - DexterColumbus morphed into a land of giants the weekend of March 3-5 as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival rolled into town. Hundreds of thousands of people converged on the Ohio capital to not only see the Arnold Classic bodybuilding contest -- the centerpiece of the event, now in its 18th year -- but tons of other sports competitions as well, from archery to volleyball, powerlifting to cheerleading, karate to table tennis. At the Classic Saturday evening, Dexter Jackson defended the title he won last year, earning straight firsts on the judges-- scorecards in a battle that arguably could have gone to anyone in the top four. Jackson, known as "The Blade" for his absolutely stellar conditioning, actually wasn't as spot-on as usual, but still had enough cuts -- along with his 223 pounds of aesthetic muscular mass -- to overcome the other contenders. In second was a ripped and massive Branch Warren, while New York's Victor Martinez took third, and 2005 Mr. Olympia Challenge Round winner Gustavo Badell finished fourth. Of course, Arnold himself made an appearance on Friday and Saturday night, continuing his traditional Columbus trek even with the slew of duties he has as Governor of California. On Friday, he squeaked into the Veteran's Memorial Auditorium with seconds to spare -- racing cross country by jet after fulfilling gubernatorial duties during the day -- and crowned three women's champions: Adela Garcia in the Fitness International, Mary Elizabeth Lado in the Figure International, and Iris Kyle in the Ms. International. Garcia and Kyle both earned back the hardware they won in 2004 -- Garcia lost to Jen Hendershott last year, who this time around dropped to third, while Kyle sat out last year's Ms. I to focus on the Olympia. Both nights, the packed houses were electric, buzzing about the talent-rich lineups in all four contests. And when Schwarzenegger strolled onstage, the place went wild, proving that he's still the most revered athlete in bodybuilding history. Meanwhile, at the Columbus Convention Center Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every imaginable fitness product in the world was on display during the Arnold Fitness Expo. As usual, attendance was absolutely unbelievable as people crammed into the hall for their share of free supplement samples, T-shirts, and of course to rub elbows with the top names in bodybuilding, fitness and figure, along with Ultimate Fighters, NFL football players, and other top-level athletes. The ProSource booth was mobbed all day long as we handed out literally thousands of the new Buyer's Guides. Word is out that this is the hottest issue ever and the ProSource staff had difficulty keeping up with the stampede of anxious customers. If you were not fortunate enough to attend the Arnold and get your free copy, just order it off our site now and see what all the excitement's about. For the first time in its history, the Festival expanded to the Nationwide Arena and the Dispatch Ice Haus, home of the NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets. The venues hosted eight events, including tae kwon do, judo, figure skating, speed skating and the Friday Night Fights/Gracie Fighting Championships, featuring boxing and mixed martial arts matches. The great Smokin' Joe Frazier was presented the Arnold Classic Lifetime Achievement Award by Schwarzenegger as part of Friday night's program, a highlight for anyone lucky enough to have been in the audience. For those of you who have never attended an Arnold Weekend to see the entire spectacle for yourself, it's certainly time for you to reconsider and make the trip next March. When the population of this historical midwestern town swells with fitness fanatics every year, the residents always put their best face forward; it's large enough metropolis to host such a huge affair, yet small enough to be quaint and easy to get around. Admittedly, the weather can be a factor sometimes -- this year wasn't too bad, with just a touch of flurries on Thursday and daytime highs in the upper 30s throughout -- but the local scene has a lot to offer if you know where to look. For instance, just past the Convention Center on High Street is a bustling nightlife in the Short North Arts District, where there are a number of great restaurants to eat after the shows are over. And on the south end of town is the German Village, where you will find a number of German-style restaurants and bars. Within walking distance of the venues is City Center, a full-scale mall that represents one of numerous points of shopping interest. The Arnold Weekend may have begun many years ago as a destination of hardcore bodybuilding aficionados, but now, newly dubbed the Arnold Sports Festival, it has become not only that but so much more. For bodybuilding and sports nuts, it is truly a fan's paradise.

The ProSource Buyer's Guide Takes The Gold At The Arnold!

By the size of the crowd you would think Arnold himself was giving away blocks of gold at the ProSource booth. Well, it wasn't Arnold giving away gold, it was the ProSource girls giving away the 2006 ProSource Buyer's Guide! Literally thousands of customers, new and old, swarmed the booth for 3 days straight shoving their way to the front to make sure they left the show with their copy. Packed full of articles, research updates, Q&A's, hot new products, great prices, and so much more, the 10th anniversary edition appeared to be the hit of the show. Well what were some of the products and topics in the Buyer's Guide that got top honors at the Arnold? The popular, high potency testosterone booster AndroTest by ProSource seemed to take center stage, and standing beside it was Tetrazene ES-50, the top selling fat burner by BioQuest. In a close 3rd was the most popular whey isolate protein of all time, NytroWhey Extreme. Another hot topic was how low the prices on the top selling brands are. ProSource is selling the popular BSN products at shockingly low prices. InStone, EAS, and Muscle Tech prices are blowing the competition away, and just about every other brand and product in the Buyer's Guide is the lowest in the industry! To sum it all up, 10 years of exceptional service, huge product selection, unbeatable prices, and hundreds of thousands of loyal, satisfied customers, is why ProSource is the industry's leading sport supplement distributor.
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