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V- is for Victory

The 2007 Arnold Classic champ Victor Martinez credits his extreme training and powerful MHP supplements for his success.

With a physique that seamlessly merges elements of both the classic aesthetic look of bodybuilding yore and today's prodigious mass monsters, Victor Martinez ruled the day to win the coveted 2007 Arnold Classic. And now his sights are firmly set on the holy grail of bodybuilding, the 2008 Mr. Olympia.

Ever since Martinez won the 2000 NPC National Championships heavyweight and overall crowns, lofty expectations have followed him. But until 2005, it seemed the biggest knock against the 34-year-old'"the fact that he often couldn't time his peak quite right to the day of a contest'"was threatening to be his ultimate undoing. Even after two pro victories, one at the 2003 Night of Champions and one at the 2004 Show of Strength, his opportunities for greatness were slipping away. A 13th at the 2002 Arnold Classic, ninth at the 2004 Olympia, seventh at the 2005 Arnold Classic ... just when it seemed that his potential would never cross paths with his placings'"lightning struck!

At the October 2005 Olympia came the first hint that a new Victor was emerging as the force everyone expected him to be, as he finished fifth and generated plenty of post-show buzz in the process. In 2006, he earned second at the Arnold Classic and third at the Olympia, leading in to his ultimate conquest to date, his win at the 2007 Arnold. That success thrust him into the spotlight for the Olympia six months later, where Martinez would be pitted against the legendary Coleman and the man who had wrested the title from the eight-time champ the year before, Jay Cutler.

While all the pre-battle hype focused on Cutler vs. Coleman, the reigning Arnold Classic champion stepped confidently onto the Orleans Arena stage in Las Vegas. There, he sent a shudder of excitement through the bodybuilding world as he nearly pulled off an incredible triumph, coming up just shy of winning the Olympia in what will go down as one of the most debated Olympia results of all time.

As tough as the loss may have been, the Dominican Dominator isn't letting the disappointment derail him. In fact, having come oh-so-close to the pinnacle of the sport is propelling his efforts anew, as he relentlessly focuses on the goal before him: Win the 2008 Mr. Olympia, whatever it takes.

Helping to fuel his quest is the top-rated MHP brand of supplements, including the high-octane triad of new Dark Matter, a supercharged and extremely potent post-workout creatine-based anabolic formula; Probolic-SR, a superior time-released protein blend that continually feeds his muscles and keeps him anabolic and TRAC Extreme NO, a scientifically-advanced time-released nitric oxide formula that drives his intense training sessions.

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With an unwavering desire, a strategic lifting plan to obliterate any remaining flaws, a dialed in diet and a specially crafted supplement regimen that includes his favorites from MHP, Martinez is on the cusp of making that final leap from second to first, while establishing an all-new level of physical perfection for his contemporaries to chase. It's a formula that might soon change the face of bodybuilding itself.