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Transformation Inspiration: How New Mom Tammy Stewart Lost 40 Pounds in 4 Months
Supreme Protein and a targeted workout regimen help  Tammy Stewart gets her "pre-baby body" back ... minus another 15 pounds.

After giving birth to her beautiful daughter Maddisyn, Tammy Stewart found herself in the same position as many mothers, finding the extra baby weight she gained during her pregnancy wasn't that easy to shed. With 11-year-old son Braeden and an infant to take care of, the hectic days and restless nights weren't... well, ideal for weight loss.

But for Tammy, an accountant by trade, being out of shape while seeking the energy and stamina to keep up with her life wasn't adding up -- in her mind, it was time for some much-needed subtraction.

"I really started making losing the weight my mission on February 28 of this year (about four months after giving birth), and reached my 'ideal' goal on July 4, so it took just over four months," says the 33-year-old Edmonton, Alberta resident.

Tammy hit the weights four days and cardio five times weekly, following a bodybuilding-style split with legs on day one of her split, chest and triceps on day two, back and biceps on day three, and shoulders on day four. "I usually do three sets per exercise, decreasing the reps from 12 to 10 to 8 as I increase the weight set to set," she explains.

Meanwhile, she also overhauled her diet, monitoring her carbohydrate and protein intake and eating cleaner to fuel her workouts and her weight loss. But sticking to such a stringent regimen wasn't easy -- at least, until she found her secret weapon in her body-transformation quest. "I was headed to the gym one evening and needed something light to eat before my workout," Tammy recalls. "Along the way I stopped into a supplement shop. I was in the protein bar aisle and saw the Supreme Protein bars, and decided to try something new."
"Nutritional content is important to me. However, so is the taste. That's what keeps me coming back to Supreme Protein bars: They really are the best tasting bars I've ever had."
She was instantly hooked. "I've become addicted to the Peanut Butter Crunch Supreme Protein bars prior to my workouts," Tammy admits. "They are by far the best protein bar I have ever tasted. And I mean ever -- I've tried countless over the years. They are delicious, healthy, convenient and affordable. Without fail, they were great for helping me stay on track with a healthy eating plan, and I achieved my goal of getting my pre-baby body back."

Consistent workouts, a sensible meal plan and Supreme Protein were a perfect combination for Tammy, with the bars lending an assist on the other two fronts. "(After adding Supreme Protein to my diet) I noticed improvements in my physique," she says. "I also enjoyed increased energy levels at the gym. The bars are truly great tasting, and when I have one I actually feel satisfied until my next meal. After incorporating them into my day, I noticed that cravings for sugars and sweets subsided. It has enabled me to stick to my diet plan, even after I reached my initial goal."

In addition to Supreme Protein, some of the key foods that Tammy relies on include chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, brown rice, yams, baked potatoes, pasta, rice cakes, fruit, protein shakes, veggies and salads, to name a few. "I do allow myself one cheat day a week," she adds. That cheat day is important, as it doesn't allow the body to adapt to a lower-calorie regimen, thus keeping the fat-burning engines at full throttle.

The results of all of her hard work in the gym and kitchen -- as you see from the photos -- speak for themselves, as Tammy lost an amazing 40 pounds in just over four months, getting down to 110 at a height of 5'3". "That's 15 pounds less than my pre-pregnancy weight," she points out proudly.

Now, Tammy has plenty of energy and stamina to keep up with her kids, and do the things she enjoys most: Working out, watching movies, reading, cooking, rollerblading, rock climbing and family vacations. Where does the fit and focused single mom see herself in five years? "I would love to offer advice to other moms in the areas of training, fitness and nutrition," she says. "Many of us struggle to lose baby weight, or to just lose weight period. We tend to put ourselves last on the list of people to take care of, and at the end of the day it's easy to feel exhausted and fall into couch-potato mode."

With her positive attitude, smart training and nutrition strategies, and Supreme Protein in her corner, we can't see Tammy falling into "couch-potato mode" anytime soon.

Tammy Stewarts Training Split and Cardio Routine
DAY 1:  Legs
DAY 2:  Chest and triceps
DAY 3:   Back and biceps
DAY 4:  Shoulders
Cardio: 5 days per week, either for 30 minutes before breakfast or after weight training in the early evening.