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Timing Of Creatine Is Important

Creatine research continues, and yet another study shows it augments gains in muscle when used during a resistance training regimen. However, this study suggests that taking Creatine after your workout may have benefits over taking it some other time. Subjects in this study performed single-limb training (arm and leg) with one side of the body twice per week, immediately after which creatine was ingested (0.2 g/kg body weight). On two other days of the week, exercise was performed with the opposite limbs and a placebo was ingested. Muscle thickness of the arms was assessed using ultrasound before and after 6 weeks of training and supplementation. After 6 weeks, the muscle thickness of the arm trained on days creatine was taken increased by 9.2%, whereas muscle thickness of the arm trained on days placebo was taken increased by 6.2%. Lean tissue of the arm assessed from dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry trained with creatine was greater compared to the arm trained with placebo. The most likely explanation for this effect is the increased blood flow to muscles which enhances creatine uptake into the active tissues. This is one of few studies that suggests timing of Creatine after a workout is important to maximize training adaptations.

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