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Timed Ingestion of Whey Protein With Exercise
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In combination with some good old fashioned hard work and discipline surrounding your exercise program and diet, regular ingestion of a high quality protein source can also help your body lose fat and maintain muscle. Most of the research involving whey protein in conjunction with weight and fat loss involves a calorie-cutting diet. We also know that protein can help better control your appetite, particularly when fed at key times throughout the day.

A very recent study was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology that examined the impact of timed daily ingestion of whey protein in combination with different exercise programs on its ability to stimulate fat loss and improve various aspects of your health (Arciero, Baur et al. 2014). Three groups of overweight/obese adults were required to consume three daily doses of 20 grams of whey protein, shortly after waking in the morning, shortly after their workout or in the afternoon and shortly before bed time for a 16 week time period. Different styles of exercise were completed and when a combination of several different styles of exercise (resistance exercise, intervals and stretching/yoga/Pilates) was completed, significantly greater amounts of overall body mass and fat mass was lost in comparison to changes seen in the other groups.  In addition, combining daily protein ingestion with a variety of exercise led to a significantly greater increase in lean mass when compared to the other two groups.  Thrice daily ingestion of 20-gram doses of whey protein may help to stimulate greater fat loss and lean mass gains, particularly when combined with a combination of exercise.

Arciero, P. J., D. Baur, S. Connelly and M. J. Ormsbee (2014). "Timed-daily ingestion of whey protein and exercise training reduces visceral adipose tissue mass and improves insulin resistance: the PRISE study." J Appl Physiol (1985) 117(1): 1-10.