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Time To Build Bulk

Mass-Building Exercises and Loading
Schemes For Getting Truly Huge!

For a large percentage of the population, the upcoming weeks are all about picking pumpkins and buying gifts, football on TV and holiday parties, putting up the decorations and greeting Santa and “Tis the Season.”

But not for you. For you, it’s bulking season.

OK, maybe you enjoy the holidays, too. But you also know that now is the time of the year where mass – raw bulk in all its magnificent glory – is king. You can’t chisel and sculpt a masterpiece in April and May if you don’t have a colossal rock to start with.

From now through spring, you should be eating heavy and working heavy. We’re here to help you with the second part of that equation. Let’s get started with four muscle building exercises and loading schemes to use this holiday season.

1. Loaded Carries

Simple and effective, loaded carries keep the body under tension for an extended period of time. And, as we’ve learned, time under tension is a solid muscle building strategy.

We’re not, however, picking up light dumbbells and walking for thirty seconds. This is a challenge.

Grab ¼ of your bodyweight in each hand. If you’re a 200-pound fellow, hold a 50 pound dumbbell in each mitt. You’ll now perform a farmer’s walk for as long as you possibly can—until your grip fails and the dumbbells crash to the floor. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to hold those badboys and walk for five minutes.

Five minutes of continuous upper-body tension is great for building bigger arms, delts and traps. It also helps keep our caloric excess in check.

Perform this challenge once per week at the end of a workout.

2. 85% Front Squats

Do you know your front squat one rep max? If not, find it—at least estimate it. From now until mid-January, Monday is heavy front squat day.

On Mondays you’ll do a few warm-up sets to build up to 85% of your front squat one-rep max. Once you’re at 85%, you’ll perform three sets to one rep shy of failure. Don’t worry about how many reps it is, just go until you have one rep left in the tank. Rest for two minutes between sets.

Working close to failure with weights 85% and above jacks up testosterone and growth hormone—our muscle building hormones. Create the right hormonal environment and you’ll use calories more effectively.

Quick aside: don’t sacrifice form! Sure, we need to push ourselves, but don’t put yourself in poor positions while you do it.

3. Eccentric RDLs

RDLs are a great posterior chain building exercise. Add in extra eccentric stress and you have a mass building home run.

Perform sets of five to eight reps and lower the weight for four to six seconds. The extra eccentric time keeps the body under tension for longer—we know the benefit—and creates more muscle damaging stress. More muscle damage equals more growth potential.

4. Max Push-ups

How many push-ups can you do in one minute? Let’s find out.

At the end of each upper-body workout from now until the holiday season closes, perform a one-minute max push-up challenge. The added volume helps accrue upper-body mass without adding too much additional stress into the training mix.

Supplement Suggestions

[Editor’s Note: This one’s easy! What is this season about? Quality calories and maximum anabolism. On the quality calories side, the holidays represent a terrific opportunity for piling your plate high with lean turkey and chicken breast, some ham and complex carbs. (Stay away from the casseroles and stuffing; go big on broccoli, sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.)

Of course, you’re not always at the dinner table, so you’ll be looking to keep the engines of growth fueled at all times with smart supplementation. Here’s where an extended-release, calorie dense protein like ProSource’s NytroPlex-GF can really come to your rescue. NytroPlex contains a superior blend of whey isolate, egg albumin, and casein designed to provide round-the-clock muscle support. Unlike other typical long-acting products in its category, NytroPlex’s colossal 56-gram protein dosage contains NO inferior whey concentrates, just premium anabolic proteins with higher levels of bioactive peptides and glycomacropeptides, BCAAs and arginine. NytroPlex also contains an Anabolic Lipid Matrix consisting of high oleic sunflower oil, conjugated linoleic acids, and flax/omega-3 fatty acids, plus two grams per sering of low-glycemic oat fiber. It’s powerful fuel for your growth furnace.

For muscle growth in the immediate post-workout window, may we suggest MyoZene from BioQuest. MyoZene contains an advanced ultra-hydrolyzed whey, rich in powerful growth factors and so finely processed that it’s repairing and rebuilding damaged muscle fibers within minutes of ingestion.  MyoZene is also fortified with a cutting-edge leucine peptide technology that floods muscle tissue with up to four times the crucial anabolism-triggering leucine found in commonly available mass builders. Add in clinically indicated doses of Creapure® creatine monohydrate (the world’s best), highly bioavailable N-acetyl-L-glutamine, and precision-targeted, insulin-priming carbs, and you’ve got the ultimate mass-building powerhouse, ideal for amassing amazing slabs of heavy muscle!

Build Holiday Bulk

Don’t shy away from holiday calories, use them to your advantage. Add these four training strategies into your end of year training plan and celebrate new size gains. ‘Tis the season to grow!

Read more about NytroPlex-GF here.

Read more about MyoZene here.

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