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Tim Sylvia Leaves UFC
Last Friday evening during an interview on HDNet"s "Inside MMA," former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia announced that he and the UFC are going their separate ways and he has joined with Adrenaline MMA, a new fight promotion company led by Sylvia"s manager Monte Cox.

While Sylvia"s contract with UFC was supposed to expire in July 2008 and he was obligated to one more fight on that contract, UFC has willingly released him.

Adrenaline MMA is a new fight promotion company that will allow its fighters to fight for other organizations so there will be less limitations on the number of bouts a fighter can fight in. That was particularly appealing to Sylvia, "I"ve got three to four years left and want to fight as much as possible so this is the perfect choice for me at this time."

Formerly M-1 Global, Adrenaline MMA will debut on June 14th in Chicago, ILL with Cox as President and CEO and Bob Clark (COO) and Brian Patton (VP), all former M-1 execs, will join Cox as the administrative team.

Sylvia is optimistic about his prospects with Adrenaline MMA and the opportunities this new freedom should provide, "Japan"s starting to get some big shows going again and the Affliction show is going to be happening, so I"m looking to fight in all of them, be real active, fight five or six times a year." Sylvia also expressed his desire to take on the legendary Fedor Emilianenko. "There is a guy out there named Fedor who I"d like to fight and I think the only way that"s going to happen is by me leaving the UFC."

Adrenaline MMA signed Sylvia as well as IFL superstar and Sylvia"s Miletich Fighting Systems teammate, Ben Rothwell, to a multi-fight deal.