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Thomas Zhou

Starting Weight: 150 lbs
Current Weight: 175 lbs

Time it took complete Transformation: About 1 and a half years

My Story: I have be extremely skinny fat for most of my life. Being skinny fat in my opinion is one of the worst body types you can have. Looking thin and skinny with clothes on and fat and chubby without a shirt on. Poor dieting habits contributed to my initial lack of muscle and my high body fat. Entering college I didn't have the excuses to not get myself into shape. I had a gym, free time, and the freedom to control my own diet. I first bulked from 150 pounds to over 200 pounds. I hit the gym over 4 times a week and never missed a workout. My diet was also very strict hitting my macro nutrition counts everyday. My results? I grew so much muscle I had stretch marks all over my body! Thankfully most of them have faded. Now recently I have began cutting and will progress my cut with the same motivation as I did with my bulk. Seeing how the results of my bulk came out I'm positive my cut will have the same result, completely shredded!

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