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The Quest for Perfection: An Evaluation of the Industry's New Standard of Quality
So many bodybuilders, athletes and fitness-oriented individuals, at all levels of accomplishment, have switched to ProSource premium brand supplements. This is not all that surprising when you consider the decline in quality that has occurred recently with many of the major retail supplement brands. Unfortunately, many companies have embarked on missions to cut production costs and increase profits with no regard for product quality. All they seem to care about is their profit margins. It's much too easy for them to "water down" their products with cheap, lower grade materials because that's the quickest way to make more money. On the surface, it can be difficult to recognize a change in quality but over time it becomes evident by the lack of positive results delivered by the products. And they're pulling it off with gusto because too many of their loyal customers don't look past the hype, and by the time they realize their supplements are not working, a lot of money has been wasted.

ProSource, on the other hand, recognized the need for a true no-compromise line   of ultra-premium quality supplements a long time ago and decided to do something about it. We assembled an elite research and development team to help create what would quickly become known as the single highest quality supplement brand in the industry. The goal was not to be the biggest, but to be the best. Our R&D directors and Quality Control managers search the world for the absolute best bioactive material available. Italy for the purest form of glutamine, Germany for the proven best and purest form of creatine, Japan for the most potent standardized green tea extract, Bulgaria for the most bio-active form of T-boosting tribulus, etc. We could get much lower quality at much cheaper prices, and rig  ht around the corner, like many other companies do, but that would defeat our entire purpose. Each and every product in the ProSource line is designed in strict accordance with a quality control mandate that is in some ways even more comprehensive than what is seen in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, our now legendary tribulus product undergoes extraction upon extraction upon extraction followed by multiple precision analytical testing until its bioactive yields are precisely in the range specified by our elite product formulators. These levels far exceed the minimum dosages needed to produce efficacy. Our goal is to deliver potency, purity, and overall results at a level that's beyond any industry standards. In contrast, the majority of competing tribulus products on the market undergo, at most, a single extraction and yield no meaningful standardized levels of key active ingredients.

  This superior product quality could not be more evident than in our proteins. There's a reason why ProSource is recognized industry-wide as the provider of the world's highest- grade protein. Years ago we introduced pure ultra-filtered whey protein isolate to the industry, which is now recognized as the gold standard. Whey isolate is proven time and again to be the most amino-rich, most potent muscle-building protein known to science. And ProSource's NytroWhey protein line contains the absolute highest quality, most potent whey isolate available worldwide. To this day, we are yet to find a competing protein that utilizes pure whey isolate of a comparable grade. Fact is, no other protein out there remotely compares to the superior whey isolate found in ProSource products. This is the truth, and it is why many of the top pro bodybuilders who are under contract with other companies actually use NytroWhey. There simply is no other protein brand that delivers such quality and purity. As more and more bodybuilders continue to discover this fact, NytroWhey has begun to emerge as the industry's leading "competition quality" protein.

The bottom line is that unless you are using legitimate high-grade supplements with validated bioactivity you might as well save your money. In order for supplements to deliver meaningful results, they must have efficacious levels and ratios of key active ingredients.

So how can you be absolutely sure your brand delivers the quality and potency needed to yield real results? Simple, choose the ultra-premium lab-tested products in the ProSource line. When you do, you will experience first hand the difference of supplementing with truly superior quality ingredients.

All ProSource products are clinically inspired formulations, subject to independent lab testing, and in some cases, independent clinical testing to ensure the ultimate in purity, potency and results!