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Sports Nutrition Uncompromised

More and more it seems as though two very distinct camps have formed within the American business environment, the supplement industry included. On one side are those companies that have chosen to embrace overseas production and the cost savings (and compromises in quality) that come with them. On the other side of the ring are the organizations that have resisted the temptations of low-cost manufacturing, and have trusted in the idea that consumers will ultimately reward higher quality products with success. Unfortunately these companies become fewer in number all the time. With retailers and distributors demanding higher margins, domestic manufacturing costs rising, and competitors continuing to produce cheaper products, even the most reputable companies are seeking less expensive means of production outside the United States.

At ProSource, we’ve developed another strategy to combat this effect. Rather than making cuts to the quality of our production methods in order to maintain competitive pricing, we’ve decided to cut out the layers of middlemen instead. When a customer purchases a product at a typical retail store, most of the price they’re paying is going directly to the retailer and the distributor. These costs make up a huge percentage of final product prices, and yet the consumer receives very little value in return for this expense. By eliminating these unnecessary layers from the equation and dealing with customers directly, we’ve managed to establish a level of quality that simply cannot be matched by brands operating in the traditional retail field. At the same time we’ve managed to maintain some of the most competitive pricing in the industry.

The Experience Gap

The only thing more important than installing quality manufacturing methods, is knowing what to do with them. There is no replacement for experience, and in an industry where companies rise and fall with the seasons, we’re proud to say we’ve been excelling at what we do for almost 20 years. Most of the brands that are popular today didn't exist five years ago, and most of the products that will be popular five years from now probably don’t exist today. We believe that it serves as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of our products that we’ve managed to see consistent success in such a volatile industry. Even more important is the knowledge we’ve managed to gain throughout our history. In terms of research and development, we’ve discovered the hard way what works and what doesn't, allowing us to enter into new product development far more intelligently than our competition. This translates directly into more effective products. A prime example of this advantage can be found in our flagship protein powder, NytroWhey Ultra Elite.

It could be said that NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a product almost 20 years in the making. When we first introduced NytroWhey in 1997, it was already a superior product by every measure, but in the years since, we’ve continued to develop it to the point that it is no longer just a protein supplement, but a true all-in-one mass-building agent.

NytroWhey Ultra Elite has managed to elevate protein supplementation to a new level by incorporating new forms of protein that not only supplement your body’s muscle building processes, but also enhance them. Leuvon 590™, the centerpiece of NytroWhey Ultra Elite’s advanced formula, utilizes an advanced manufacturing process to fortify protein with a Leucine-Bound Leucine Peptide. Anyone familiar with their Branch Chain Amino Acids can tell you that Leucine is by far the most powerful of the three BCAAs, acting as a direct catalyst of anabolic activity. Leuvon’s advanced binding process results in more potent amounts of Leucine becoming available in more bioavailable forms, leading to improved muscle building results. When combined with its other two primary forms of protein, the ultra-rapid acting TherMAX and the incredible pure micro-filtered Provon, NytroWhey Ultra Elite truly redefines what a protein supplement can be. Experience has shown us that products of this stature aren’t developed overnight, but take years of research and countless trials to perfect, and that’s something that no R&D budget, not matter how large, can buy.

Quality Redefined

Unfortunately, quality is a highly subjective term. Many manufacturers have taken advantage of this subjectivity to deceive consumers. When most companies use the word quality in their marketing efforts today, it doesn't mean the same thing that it did 20 years ago. Even worse, in an effort to further conceal the compromises in quality that they've made over the years, executives have turned the manipulation of supplement facts into an art. Inferior ingredients now have a myriad of names that are meant to help conceal their presence from consumers. Quality compounds are utilized in almost negligible quantities but advertised as key ingredients. New substandard formulas are passed off as being more advanced when in reality they are simply less costly to produce. A prime example of this trend is the recent introduction of various new forms of Creatine.

The last several years have brought with them a number of Creatine Monohydrate “alternatives.” These new products are accompanied by claims ranging from improved absorption and digestion to enhanced anabolic effects. The problem is, no reliable data exists to support any of these bold claims. In reality, you can’t fix something that isn’t broken, and Creatine Monohydrate is the only form of Creatine with decades of research backing up its ability to greatly enhance mass-building efforts. While you may not be able to fix something that isn’t broken, you can do it better than everyone else, and that has been our approach to Creatine Monohydrate. Rather than trying to market our Creatine as something new and different from what’s worked in the past, we make only one claim, that you will not find a higher quality product anywhere in the industry. The supplement facts panel found on ProSource Creatine Monohydrate lists only one ingredient, pure HPLC-tested, premium-grade micronized Creapure® Creatine monohydrate, no fillers and no surprises. We source our Creatine from German manufacturer AlzChem, the industry’s premier source for high-quality Creatine, and extend this same commitment to quality and supply-chain transparency across every product throughout our entire brand.

A Science-Based Approach

The supplement industry as a whole can be very difficult for consumers to navigate. When a customer walks into a store or logs onto a site, they are typically hit with a barrage of advertisements, labels, and sales pitches that all serve to deliver a company’s claims about their product. Consumers are then assigned the difficult task of sorting through the claims in order to determine which ones are accurate, and which are exaggerated or even entirely baseless. More often than not, the advertisers making these claims attempt to make it as difficult as possible for consumers to decipher the data that they provide in support of their products, because ultimately it isn’t very reliable. At ProSource we believe in the value of conducting proper clinical research in order to maintain the highest level of efficacy in all our products, and as a result, the accuracy of all our claims. We also believe that we’ve set the standard for proper research protocols through the study conducted on our ultimate testosterone enhancement formula, AndroTest.

It brings us great pride to advertise the fact that every claim we make regarding AndroTest is supported not just by thousands of loyal customers across the nation, but more importantly, by a brand-specific, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted by an independent laboratory. Not only does this study prove the credibility of AndroTest as a single product, but it is also meant to demonstrate our commitment to accurate clinical research throughout the brand as a whole. It is essential in this industry that the relationship between a company and their customers be built on trust, and we feel that providing accurate data, and ultimately superior products, is the only true way to establish this trust.

A New Look For A New Era

Those customers who are already familiar with our products will certainly recognize that we’ve been revamping and revitalizing the look of our entire product line to better reflect the quality of what’s inside. Even more importantly, we believe that this new look will carry the ProSource brand forward into a new era in which consumers will once again value quality above all else. Nothing would satisfy us more than to hear our customers say years from now that they valued quality all along, that they always cared where their products were made and appreciated what was in them, and as a result, they shopped at ProSource.