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The ProSource Bar is a HIT With Consumers, Retailers, and Sports Nutrition Experts

When you reinvent the protein bar, people in your industry are going to take notice. In recent weeks we’ve been proud to receive accolades from some of the most respected experts in the fitness and sports nutrition communities, and we suspect that more are on the way. We are truly grateful.

But the most important court of opinion is out there in the real world. The ProSource Bar was researched and formulated to fill a need that had been left unfulfilled for far too long. Fitness-conscious people have high standards for themselves and for the food they eat. What they have wanted all along is a protein bar powered by the most bioavailable and functional muscle-supporting proteins known to science. And they wanted that bar to taste absolutely great, a far cry from all the chalky, chewy, bland bars out there. Oh, and they also wanted a bar made from the best wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

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We here at ProSource didn’t think that was too much to ask. And we believed that we were better positioned than any other legacy sports nutrition company to meet that demand. After all, we’d already established the industry gold standard for protein quality with our flagship line of NytroWhey super-premium protein powders. No one knows proteins like we do. If anyone was going to bring protein perfection to the protein bar, it was going to be us.

But would fitness-conscious people enthusiastically embrace the ProSource Bar? Now we have our answer.

Customer Enthusiasm for the ProSource
Bar Is Driving Record-Setting Sales

Put simply, consumer response for the new ProSource Bar has been phenomenal. Reviews for the bar, both on our own site and on Amazon (where it’s available via two-day delivery Amazon Prime) have been entirely of the five-star variety, accompanied by glowing assessments of the ProSource Bar’s flavor and protein quality. At the same time, it is generating ecstatic word-of-mouth support as it begins to appear in convenience stores, sports nutrition outlets, and online venues, where repeat sales have been abundant and store owners have been scrambling to re-stock.

Clearly, the ProSource Bar is the sports nutrition launch story of the year. Already, it is generating sales numbers that outpace some of the biggest successes in the last twenty years of supplement retailing. Virtually instantly, it became the #1 best-selling protein bar here at, surpassing a number of widely hyped and well-established competing bars. Indeed, its sales rival those associated with the best-selling products in our retailing history, including the original Xenadrine RFA-1, the NytroWhey line of super-premium proteins, the breakthrough male hormone support technology AndroTest, and others.

The Protein Bar You’ve Been Waiting For

True quality will always rise to the top, and that’s what we’re seeing with the ProSource Bar. With the ProSource Bar, you’re getting an elite protein blend powered by highly bioavailable hydrolyzed whey and cold-processed, cross-flow-microfiltration whey isolate uniquely suited to facilitating protein synthesis in muscle tissue and supporting muscle recovery and growth. The 15 grams of super-premium protein found in ProSource Bars are more than sufficient to support stressed muscles during and after a workout and to prevent muscle breakdown during nutritional gaps between meals. These proteins are also remarkably clean tasting, with a smooth even texture and none of the aftertaste so common in lesser protein bars.

And then there’s the taste. If you haven’t tried a ProSource Bar yet, you’re in for a creamy, crunchy, flavorful surprise. Both the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and the Double Chocolate Crème Bar offer the delightful snap of crispy protein wafers surrounded by a luscious protein filling, all dipped in a sweetly delicious chocolate coating. It’s a light, satisfying treat that packs a powerful 15-gram punch of highly functional proteins.

Another reason the ProSource Bar tastes so great is it’s free of the indigestible sugar alcohols, extraneous fiber content, and just weird chemical ingredients that bulk up so many bars. With the ProSource Bar, you know you’re getting the most wholesome and nutritious ingredients.

The Sales Momentum is Still Growing

Remarkably, the ProSource Bar product launch is still gathering speed, so you can expect to see it (and hear about it) in your favorite stores, your gym, and on social media increasingly in the coming weeks. If you don’t see it in your favorite store, be sure to ask for it! In the meantime, you can get your own ProSource Bars right here. And for the latest news, be sure to follow our Instagram @teamprosource There’s more excitement to come as the ProSource Bar continues to revolutionize the protein bar category!

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