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The Importance of Carb Intake

Precision-Targeting Your Carb Intake
Will Pay BIG Physique Dividends

I’ve been around the block a few times and have been involved in this industry for over 17 years. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the very biggest companies in the world in positions which have exposed me to pretty much everything this business has to offer.

During those times, I’ve seen and heard about pretty much every opinion on nutrition. Most are gimmicks, some are relevant.

I’m explaining this to you because I know how exposed you are to every diet idea in the world through social media and I know how damaging this can be. There’s a reason over 150 MILLION people have downloaded my free video trainer series, because my diets work.

One point which is contended more than ever today is carbohydrate consumption.

The first thing people do when they want to get ripped is remove their carbohydrates. This doesn’t correlate with good dietary practice. I’m supposedly sensitive to carbohydrates and I keep them in, even through my intensive programs are designed to get me shredded.

Let me teach you a little about carbohydrates and why you actually need them in your diet, brother.

More Muscle Mass

Kris Gethin Carbs UptakeIf you’ve ever allowed your carbohydrates to plummet, you’ll know that this causes you to get flat fast and look small! There’s a very good reason why this happens in tandem with your carbohydrates falling. Muscle glycogen carries and retains intramuscular water which accounts for between 70-80% of your muscle volume.

When you chop down your carbohydrates you also reduce the amount of water which gets to your muscle and stays there, so you lose size. Nobody wants this to happen, especially you. So don’t get paranoid around carbohydrates.

Higher Functioning Thyroid

Having a higher functioning thyroid might not mean much to you yet, but you’ll grow to appreciate this once you understand that this means you have a faster metabolism. What does that mean? No stubborn fat, plus ripped abs, striations and veins which is what you want.

Carbohydrates act as a mechanism to drive forward your thyroid function, which then makes you better at burning calories. If you remove carbohydrates you rob yourself of this luxury.

Bigger Weights

You need an immediate energy supply on tap in the gym if you’re going to train at the intensity levels I demand of you. Carbohydrates provide you with this because of the way you are able to produce energy from them in such a short space of time.

This is why those who are crazy enough to rid their diet of carbohydrates complain of flagging energy in the gym.

So what am I saying? Load up on carbohydrates freely because they make you shredded, stronger and bigger? Not quite...

There’s always a context and caveats which need to be attached to any advice given, this content is no different. If your ambition is to get shredded, then you need to maintain a calorie deficit, while keeping your carbohydrate intake as high as you can get away with. This number will not be the same for you, as it is for me because we are all unique. The point does remain the same though, keep them as high as you can within the context of your goals and you’ll thank me for it.

Kris Gethin

PS I’ll always maintain that you still need to prioritise the quality of your carbohydrates. Don’t start eating candy and sweets “within your macros.” Keep it clean.