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The E Is For Extraordinary

The E Is For Extraordinary
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Our reach may be nationwide here at ProSource, but our heart will always be at the Jersey Shore. We like our Jersey Shore heroes to be proud and loud, and Seaside Heights legend Robbie E fits the bill in every way. Robbie E has captivated Total Nonstop Action wrestling fans everywhere with his brash and bold demeanor on the way to becoming a TNA Television Champion and TNA X Division Champion.

Now the unstoppable, irrepressible Robbie E has added another trophy to the shelf, as he and his tag team wrestling partner Jessie Godderz have moved on to their next triumph, capturing the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Best of all, Robbie E has done it all while exhibiting the swagger and style of a true Jersey Shore "bro."

We sat down recently with the great Robbie E for an Exclusive ProSource Interview to talk about a number of topics, including TNA wrestling, the challenge of maintaining a top-flight rock-hard physique on a busy schedule, his favorite supplements, and his new friendship with the 3-time reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath.

Rest assured, pretty much everything Robbie E says comes with an exclamation point after it. Because that's the way Robbie E lives.

ProSource: Welcome to ProSource, Robbie. We're huge fans. But you know that.

Robbie E: Of course you are! Who's not a fan of Robbie E?

ProSource: The BroMans are TNA World Tag Team Champions. What's next for you and Jessie? What else do you have to prove in the ring?

Robbie E: I have been an X Division Champ, a TNA Television Champ and now I'm one half of the World Tag Team Champs! All that is left for me to be a Grand Slam winner is the TNA World Championship! So I am happy teaming with "Mr. Pec-tacular" Jessie Godderz of Big Brother fame, as we have become really close. Though at some point I will definitely be a world champ, bro!

ProSource: We've seen you hanging with your new Bro, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. Are you picking up any valuable insights from Phil on living the life of a champion, working out, and business?

Robbie E: Phil Heath is the man. No other way to put it. The 3 time Mr. Olympia shows how dedicated he is to his work. He was in my corner at our biggest pay-per-view of the year, Bound For Glory in San Diego, when we won our titles. So Phil is kind of like the bro man's good luck charm. We stay in contact regularly and you will definitely see us rolling together again!

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Buy Best BCAAs on Sale

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ProSource: Being the Number One Bro Man is a 24/7 job, we all know that. But not all of our readers know how much work goes into being an Impact Wrestling Superstar. What's a typical day like for you, as you prepare for a match? How much of your time goes into promotional activities, meeting your fans, and working in the ring?

Robbie E: It really is 24/7, bro. I'm usually home Monday thru Wednesday and on the road Thursday thru Sunday. So that means a lot of workouts and eating away from what's normal for me. It takes a lot of patience with checking into hotels, flights and renting cars just about daily. Afternoons consist of media on days of shows, so there is also a lot of waking up really early and getting to bed really late. I can't remember the last time I had 8 hours of sleep.

ProSource: The Jersey Shore lifestyle is all about being the best, and being the best means hitting the gym hard. Describe your workout for us. What's your body part that requires the least work? What body part are you always working hardest to improve? How are you going about it?

Robbie E: I usually gym it like 4 to 6 days a week. My workouts are pretty basic, but I go hard and am always consistent. My best body part is definitely my chest, bro. Its hu-u-u-uge! I also lately have really been into war ropes and box jumps. Robbie E can jump super high!

ProSource: We talk to you all the time on Twitter, so we know you're a big fan of ProSource supplements. Which ProSource supplements are essential to keeping your physique in top condition? What kind of results are you getting?

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Buy Glucosamine on Sale

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Robbie E: Before I start working out, I hit AndroFury by BioQuest, which is honestly the best pre-workout ever, bro! It keeps me pumped all through my workout without a crash, and I can feel that T-boosting super ingredient jacking me up big time! After my workout and before bed, I do NytroWhey Ultra Elite by ProSource with some ProSource BCAAs and Glutamine from ProSource. I am working constantly, so muscle recovery and growth are super important. Nobody beats ProSource for ingredient quality and power. ProSource is perfect for Robbie E!

ProSource: What can we look forward to in the always exciting world of Robbie E in 2014? What worlds do you have left to conquer in wrestling?

Robbie E: Alot! Myself and my tag team partner Jessie Godderz have got the team gold. After that, I look to be an Impact Wrestling world heavyweight champ, bro! Robbie E hasn't even started his accomplishments yet in professional wrestling!

ProSource:  We'll be following you every step of the way, Robbie. As always, you can follow Robbie E on Twitter and Instagram @robbieeimpact

Also watch him weekly on Spike TV. Thanks for talking to us, Robbie.

If you have any questions for Robbie E, type them into the comments field below and we'll make sure Robbie gets them!

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