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The constant evolution of Prosource products: Ultra PS Gold

The constant evolution of Prosource products:

Ultra PS Gold


Whenever a new or an improved product is introduced in the sports supplement market it is subject to intense and detailed scrutiny. Let†™s face it, in this weakened economy with all the hype and inferior-grade supplements rushing into production for a quick buck, the old adage "once bitten twice shy" applies to bodybuilders even more than it ever did.   

While other manufacturers take the easy route, we at ProSource are still offering better and more technologically advanced supplement formulas, despite the economic down-turn. And this manufacturing ethic is clearly evident in our new, extra potent Ultra PS Gold. Instead of downgrading our existing product and taking the fast road to quick money, our R&D department once again hit the books to come up with this new and even more bio-available and effective product, improving not only the cortisol blocking ability to help protect muscle tissue during exercise, but also increasing brain enhancement efficacy via a new clinically validated PS/DHA complex trade named Sharp PS Gold.


This exclusive conjugated phospholipid complex of phosphatidylserine from soy (100 mg) and DHA (Docosahaexaenoic acid) (17.75 mg) from omega 3 fish oil resembles the same chemical union of these two essential compounds found in the brain and in human mother's milk. This is also the same form most used in clinical trials that showed marked reduction in muscle-damaging cortisol as well as improvement in brain function. The bottom line here is that this form is more easily recognized by your body, which in turn makes it more available for brain function. Also, this lipid form increases bioavailability so that taking prior to workouts helps quickly diminish cortisol damage which in turn greatly improves your body†™s recovery and aids protein synthesis mechanisms. DHA has long been the subject of clinical research indicating its brain enhancement.     


Why the Change?


At this point you might be asking, "What was wrong with the previous product, Super PS Gold?" Nothing, actually, it was a very effective product that offered a very high level of cortisol control and brain enhancement. But research in nutritional supplementation is much like a shark - if it stops moving forward, it dies. At ProSource we constantly strive for this forward momentum, always on the look-out for new and improved supplement technologies, and this one was obviously a technological improvement that we could not pass by.


There are important and clearly beneficial differences in the new Ultra PS Gold. You†™ll notice a lower dosage; this is because of the new conjugated lipid form which is more quickly and completely absorbed than the previous tablet form of Super PS. The smaller dose of the Ultra PS Gold should not be a concern as the higher absorption level from this form means higher blood plasma levels at the time you need it most - during and directly after exercise. As indicated in clinical trials, cortisol spikes highest about an hour into your routine and tapers off fairly quickly after that, within another hour. Therefore, the best time to take Ultra PS Gold is directly before workouts. On workout days, take two right before exercise; on non-workout days, take one with breakfast and another with your afternoon or evening meal. A major reason for the change to this quicker form is that, since your body prioritizes according to your body's immediate needs, the PS Gold will be available for exercise-induced cortisol suppression or brain enhancement depending on when you take it, unlike the former Super PS, which effectively reduced cortisol over time, but in a more sustained manor. Super PS was good for the long haul - the new Ultra PS Gold has a narrower window for targeted cortisol suppression. We feel that this difference in timing is necessary for a more effective product.