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The 2009 Product of the Year!

BetaStax Revolutionizes the Thermogenic Category with its Extreme Fat-Burning/Energy-Boosting Multi-Pathway Matrix

Respected Medical Research Expert Attains a Ripped and Rock-Hard Physique
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When we at ProSource received our first advance samples of BetaStax in the spring of this past year, we knew right away that we were witnessing a momentous event in the evolution of thermogenic science. Here was a totally new kind of weight-loss/energy-boosting technology, not dependent on the usual mix-andmatch combination of caffeine, yohimbe and/or green tea, and entirely free of compounds (HCA, Hoodia, cortisol blockers) that have proven to be scientific dead ends for so many manufacturers. Instead, in BetaStax we found a revolutionary matrix of ultrabioactive, premium-grade energy factors combined with a primary weight-loss technology that delivers dramatic results by regulating levels of circulating plasma CCK'"a unique mechanism of action that is generating some of the most remarkable results ever seen in this category.

In advance of its general rollout, we knew what we thought of BetaStax. And we knew that experts across the industry were hailing BetaStax as the Next Big Thing. But what would the supplement-buying public think of BetaStax? Soon, we had our answer. A few months ago, when BetaStax was finally made available to athletes everywhere, the response was immediate, immense, and utterly ecstatic. Athletes are ripping up, amping up, and stocking up on BetaStax, the biggest runaway sales phenomenon we've had here at ProSource in years. For this reason'"and for many others'"we're bestowing our exclusive Product of the Year Award to BetaStax. A product must be totally dominant in its category to justify such a level of prominence within our product selection. As such, this upper echelon award is not something we hand out freely or frequently. In fact, the last product to receive this honor was the legendary Xenadrine RFA-1 back in 1999. In almost a decade, BetaStax is the only other product truly worthy of this highest honor. And it is by no coincidence that both of these phenomenal products were created by the same elite product development team.

Electrifying Research Update: Betastax Delivers Clinically Validated Weight-Loss Results in Just Two Weeks

Workout Warrior Sheds the Bulk, Rips Up Like Never Before
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To put matters in the simplest words possible, BetaStax works. It works so powerfully and profoundly that at first it reminded us of the aforementioned breakthrough technology which changed the course of thermogenic science, 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based Xenadrine RFA-1.

Of course, comparisons to 'fat-burning legends of yesterday' are unfair. Why? Because when it comes to both its unprecedented weight-loss effectiveness and enormous energy-boosting capacity, BetaStax may in fact be SUPERIOR to even the best of the no-longer-available 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'based thermogenics.

Those 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based products delivered real results you could see and feel, including measurable weight loss, in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. Remarkably, a clinical study conducted on the primary active ingredient in BetaStax documented significant weight-loss results in just two weeks1. This result was so unprecedented, so off-the-charts, that it has become the talk of scientific circles throughout the industry.

And the extraordinary effectiveness of BetaStax is in fact no mystery. According to the researchers, the effects of BetaStax's main active ingredient1 were consistent with its ability to affect circulating plasma CCK, as observed in the elevated CCK levels at 60 and 120 minutes post-meal. But even more importantly, the consumption of (250) mg prior to two major meals daily resulted in significantly greater reduction in body weight, waist and hip circumferences when compared to placebo treatment as early as two weeks and continuing throughout the duration of the study. This study was conducted by researchers at a prestigious American university and as such represents highly compelling evidence for the case of a truly viable successor to 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'.

A Profound Energy Rush with No Subsequent Crash

Superior Weight-Loss Power Drives a Remarkable Transformation
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Of course, athletes aren't solely concerned with fat loss. They also desire that terrific surge of energy and intensity that spurs them on to new performance peaks in their workouts. Here again, BetaStax truly earns its Product of the Year status, offering an explosive upsurge of energy that may in fact be the first of its kind that can legitimately be compared to that produced by 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'. Based on initial reports, BetaStax users have been truly astounded by its vitalizing rush of energy and motivation. Upon further analysis, BetaStax's proprietary matrix of ultra-bioactive,premium -grade energy factors appears to provide for rapid delivery and a dramatic energy rush that can be felt, literally within minutes of the first dose. For dieters, this remarkable biochemical phenomenon is a powerful antidote for the lagging energy levels that typically effect those on low-calorie or low-carb regimens. For athletes, BetaStax offers an unprecedented boost in intensity levels during workouts.

Even more importantly, because BetaStax produces its profound energy boost through multiple different pathways simultaneously, it does not come with the infamous crash associated with simple one-dimensional caffeine-only based formulas. Ultimately this leads to the conclusion that many have already reached: BetaStax may well represent the best energy booster created to date.

From Research to Development to Real World Results'"No Other Product Released This Year Comes Close to BetaStax

From Model to Mama and Back
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It should be noted that the Product Testing Team and editors here at ProSource didn't have to agonize over its Product of the Year selection. Rather, BetaStax was so superior to everything else in its category, that it quickly became evident that a true epic masterpiece had emerged. However, in the interest of total objectivity (given our close affiliation with its makers), we deferred the final decision to members of our independent scientifi c advisory board and the designation was quickly affirmed by these world renowned experts. Based on its profound energy rush combined with its extraordinary rapid weight-loss power, BetaStax is arguably the most notable new product introduction we've seen in nearly a decade. Clearly, this remarkable transformational agent is going to be making a major difference in the lives of athletes and fitness conscious people for a long time to come.

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