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The 2006 Olympia Preview
Ronnie Coleman
Branch Warren
Gustavo Badell
The bodybuilding rumor mill leading up to the 2006 Olympia is so hot that the media are being treated for third degree burns. The reigning champ Ronnie Coleman said in his own words on more than one occasion that Victor Martinez will be his heir apparent to the Olympia throne, once he has decided to retire that is. What the "big nasty" didn't see coming was a vastly improved Jay Cutler who in 2006 is as hungry as Markus Rhul on a year long vegetable soup diet. As of last week Jay Cutler is said to be around 280lb, as hard as a Scottish steel worker without the extended waist line and has improved his back enough that it should be tattooed with the Chinese symbols reading "2006 Olympia Victor. We all know that Ronnie would find this spectacle as entertaining as a Jerry Springer episode because the Texan has proved to us on many occasions (eight times in all) that he trains as ferocious as a Pit-bull chewing on Barbie doll and the thought of him competing at the Olympia walking away with a runner up trophy is as unlikely as Woody Allen starring as the next Superman. At 42 years old Ronnie has been plagued recently by injuries that Cutler can smell all the way from his Vegas residence. This is the most confident Cutler we have ever seen who even had pictures posted online to prove that he is as serious as a heart attack. To be witness of this historic battle is worth the ticket price alone, even if no one else were to show up onstage. If the excitement of watching these two warriors isn't enough to make you lift a personal best whilst forcing down another can of tuna, then look no further than Dexter Jackson, Gustavo Badell, Victor Martinez and Branch Warren for inspiration. Gustavo will be looking to avenge his loss to Dexter at this years Arnold Classic, Branch will want to enforced his rugged and freaky muscularity over Gustavo who beat him to the post at the 2006 San Fran Pro whilst Victor is set to leap frog past these three mutations with the his inspiring potential that has all the components necessary to tame even the most beastly Olympian compatriot. Branch is at expected to step on stage at least 10lbs heavier than at the Arnold Classic in March which could ultimately categorize him as a mass monster. He has devoted much of his fast improvement to the fact that he has been financially stable enough to be a full time bodybuilder without the worries of work commitments. Look out for the Texan to upset some of the top tiered athletes that have been resting on their genetically superior laurels. Once again the show will be held at the New Orleans arena but with a slight change in format. For the first time in history the prejudging will held on the Friday evening so bodybuilding fans will have to endure the excruciating anticipation and prediction for 24 hours before the Saturday evening finals. Click here to view Olympia Results