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Testosterone boosting benefits of Tongkat Ali
Adequate testosterone levels are required for maximizing muscle growth, strength, energy, sexual performance, and overall wellbeing in males.
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Unfortunately, as we get older, testosterone levels start to decline. Science has shown that this decline starts as early as 30 years old, leading to what doctors call andropause (similar to menopause in women). Over the years there have been a number of herbal preparations aimed at increasing or maintaining testosterone levels safely and effectively; however, there are few that have substantiated evidence backing them as a testosterone booster. Tongkat Ali (otherwise known as Eurycoma longifolia or Longjack) is one herb that has shows pretty solid animal-based evidence supporting it as a testosterone-boosting supplement. Its benefits seem to come from its high concentration of steroidal saponins that increase the release of luteinizing hormone (which signals testes for greater testosterone release). Until lately very few (if any) human studies have been conducted that test the efficacy of Tongkat Ali as a testosterone-boosting supplement.

Recent research published in Andrologia, has shown that males can benefit from taking a standardized extract of Tongkat Ali. In the study 76 patients with declining testosterone levels were given 200mg of standardized Tongkat Ali extract for 1 month. The Ageing Males Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire (a clinical assessment of andropause) and blood serum testosterone concentration were tested before and immediately after one month of supplementation. The researchers reported that supplementation boosted serum testosterone levels by about 48% and consequently reduced subject's AMS scores!

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