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Supplementation With Capsinoids Enhances Weight Loss And Stomach Fat

Capsinoids are a family of chemicals found in sweet peppers and are responsible for exerting the perception of "hot". They are of interest as potential weight loss agents because they have been shown to stimulate thermogenesis and weight loss in animal studies. A total of eighty overweight men and women were studied to test a novel weight loss product consisting of capsinoids extract consisting of capsiate, dihydrocapsiate, and nordihydrocapsiate. Subjects received a total of 6 mg of capsinoids per day with the half the dose ingested before the morning and evening meal, or they received an identical looking Placebo. All subjects were counseled to restrict energy intake by 300-600 kcal/day. Weight loss after 12 weeks was significantly greater in the Capsinoid supplemented group (-2 pounds) compared to Placebo (-1 pound). There was also a greater loss of fat in the mid-section in the Capsinoid group. Metabolic rate measurements indicated the Capsinoid group was burning 54 kcal more calories per day than placebo, and they were also burning a greater proportion of calories from fat. There were no serious adverse events reported. The findings are encouraging for use of capsinoids in thermogenic formulas.

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