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Supplement Picks of the Experts: Testosterone Support

Sports Nutrition Round Table: 

Supplement Experts Select the
Leaders in Key Bodybuilding Categories

Part Four: Testosterone Support

As we reach the fourth (and last) installment in our Expert Picks series, it’s time to salute the experts themselves, who worked long and hard evaluating the top contenders in the categories of greatest importance to bodybuilders, then ranking them in order of efficacy and value.  If you’d like to see the complete results of their research, be sure and order yourself a copy of our FREE 2015 Sports Supplement Buyer’s Guide.

In the meantime, it should be pointed out that today’s category, Testosterone Support, presented our experts with the clearest choice of all.  The mechanisms of real, natural support of testosterone production are no secret anymore, but that hasn’t helped any but an elite few companies bring viable products to market in this category. Indeed, the bar has been raised so high with regard to raw materials processing and refinement that the category has actually grown much smaller in recent years, as purveyors of junk science and bogus products have been weeded out.

Of the few reputable manufacturers that remain in the field, only one has ever submitted its natural testosterone-support technology to a definitive, brand-specific clinical study that has validated its efficacy in no uncertain terms. ("Brand specific" meaning the brand-name product itself was the focus of the testing, not some ingredient in necessarily inflated dosages.) Not surprisingly, that company and that product have emerged as the clear consensus #1 choice, as selected by our experts.

Welcome to Part Four of our Sports Nutrition Round Table discussion of the absolute BEST products available in four key supplement categories: Premium Proteins, Mass Building, Fat Loss, and Testosterone Support. As always, the statements and opinions of the experts expressed here are not meant to be construed as endorsements by the employers and universities with which each expert is associated. Take it away, experts!

Category: Testosterone Support
Experts Pick: ProSource AndroTest

Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN: As I get older, I am becoming more aware of my anabolic hormone levels and my ability to recover from my workouts. After I heard about AndroTest, I decided to give it a try to see what its effects were in my own body.  After a two-week period of supplementing with AndroTest and continuing my daily undulating periodization program, my total and free testosterone levels increased as well as my maximal strength. As a professor of sports nutrition, I am often asked if ‘supplement X’ or ‘supplement Y’ is effective.  Almost always, my responses to these questions are often negative.  However, given my own experience with AndroTest and its effects on elevating my endogenous free and total testosterone levels, I am able to recommend AndroTest for its effects on elevating testosterone concentrations.

Richard Kreider, PhD: Tribulus terrestris is a plant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine that has been purported to indirectly affect testosterone levels by serving as a pre-cursor to DHEA as well as stimulating the release of luteinizing hormone.  The active agent in TT is believed to be protodioscin. AndroTest contains much higher levels of protodioscin (40%) than other TT supplements I have seen, which usually are as little as 1%-2%.  Preliminary studies have indicated that if you have low testosterone levels, supplementing the diet with the form of TT found in AndroTest increased testosterone levels to levels typically found in younger men.  While AndroTest will not promote greater increases in testosterone levels than your body can naturally produce on its own, it’s certainly a supplement for men to consider as they are getting older in an attempt to maintain healthy levels of testosterone.   

Chad Kerksick, PhD: Let’s take a closer look at the brand-specific study involving AndroTest. Exciting, preliminary research using a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled approach in men who were 35 – 55 years of age with low baseline levels of testosterone found that four weeks of AndroTest supplementation significantly increased both free testosterone and total testosterone levels by nearly 60% and effectively restored testosterone levels to normal levels in these men.  Equally important, none of the study participants reported any adverse events to taking AndroTest. It has been a long time coming, but AndroTest and its key formulation provides impressive preliminary results in a scientifically controlled environment that will help men feel better and train harder.

Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN: When you’re undergoing heavy training and doing everything you can to gain those hard-earned extra pounds of lean muscle, certain hormone levels can become the “make or break” component of your program. One of these hormones in particular, testosterone, is incredibly important as it is has been directly associated with increases in lean muscle mass and strength. If you’ve spent countless hours in the gym busting your ass for hard earned gains, put together the perfect nutrition program, you get your hours of sleep every night, and you’re still not seeing the results you want, why not take advantage of every resource you can get your hands on and try to maximize your training potential by naturally boosting your testosterone levels? I added AndroTest to my supplement stack four weeks ago and have noticed considerable gains in strength and energy throughout my workouts. My recovery time in between workouts has improved, allowing me to train harder during subsequent workouts and tolerate a greater training load.  As someone who has battled overtraining-related injuries in the past, this product couldn’t have fallen into my hands at a better time. My nagging injuries have seemed to dissipate, allowing me to get back into my high volume training without worrying about whether or not my body can tolerate it. AndroTest has really taken testosterone-boosting supplements to the next level with its advanced, scientifically supported clinical formula and the high amounts of testosterone boosting natural ingredients.

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: AndroTest’s key active ingredient has been shown in clinical testing to significantly increase blood testosterone levels within the first ten days of use in healthy males. This in turn may contribute to increased muscular strength, improved lean body mass, and reduced fat when accompanied with resistance training. Overall, this specialized unique testosterone supportive product is well-designed, of highest quality and can help for optimizing natural testosterone and energy levels. Supplementing with AndroTest in combination with other lifestyle factors, will allow the individual to achieve their goals and feel great about it. Who doesn’t want to feel great?

Dwayne Jackson, PhD: I know I do. Beyond being a professor and medical scientist, I am a 42-year-old bodybuilder and have been competing since I was 18. I first tried AndroTest a few years back and was blown away by how it made me feel. I have been using it ever since in my supplement regimen to keep my energy levels and libido charged, enhance my workout recovery, and boost my appetite without making me fat. I have yet to find another testosterone booster that makes me feel the way AndroTest makes me feel.  I am convinced that AndroTest is a must for men of all ages who want to naturally maximize testosterone levels.

And that’s it for our Sports Nutrition Round Table 2015. We look forward to having our experts on hand again in 2016, for next year’s rankings!

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Use as directed. Read product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorsers used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and were remunerated for their appearance. Endorser’s results are not typical. A 4-week study of healthy males showed a 59.75% average increase in free testosterone compared to baseline and 59.88% average increase in total testosterone compared to baseline. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.