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Supplement Picks of the Experts: Premium Proteins

Sports Nutrition Round Table:

Supplement Experts Select the Unrivaled Leaders in Key Bodybuilding Categories

Part One: Premium Proteins

When you go supplement shopping, do you find yourself asking, “What’s a fairly decent bodybuilding supplement that’s mostly interchangeable with other products of its kind?”

No? You’re looking for a clearly superior product? Us, too!

And yet, the vast majority of supplements within a particular category often contain the same ingredients (often formulated by the same anonymous commercial manufacturers) in roughly the same dosages and ratios. (We're talking about well-known brand names here, not bargain-basement generics. Who knows -- or cares -- what's in those products?) Anyway, the well-hyped ingredient blends might come adorned with fancy trademarked names, but they’re essentially the same. Despite this fact, there are can also be wild retail price discrepancies between these very similar products. Why? Well, company A may be spending a lot more on marketing than Companies B, C, and D. They have to make that money back.

Now, of course, there’s probably plenty of disagreement about what constitutes the “best” product in any given category, right? Actually, not as much as you’d think. In fact, supplement experts agree that when it comes to ranking the supplement choices in several key categories of interest to athletes, it’s pretty lonely at the top.

We’ve brought together several such experts, each a well-credentialed and respected PhD in the field of sports supplement science, to participate in a round table discussion aimed at selecting the absolute BEST product available in four key supplement categories: Premium Protein, Mass Building, Fat Loss, and Testosterone Support. This week, we’re kicking off this series with Part One: Premium Proteins.

Are they going to be addressing a lengthy laundry list of product options? Again, no. They’re going to be talking about the one product in each category that clearly distinguishes itself from the competition in terms of quality and value for your supplement purchasing dollar.

It should be noted, too, that the statements and opinions of the experts expressed here are not meant to be construed as endorsements by the employers and universities with which each expert is associated.

And so, with no further ado, let’s turn it over to the experts!

Category: Premium Proteins
Experts Pick: ProSource NytroWhey Ultra Elite

Richard Kreider, PhD: It’s no secret. Adequate protein intake is critical for individuals engaged in intense training, particularly if you want to increase muscle mass. But all protein is not the same. Whey protein has been shown to stimulate protein synthesis because it is digested quickly and typically has a higher percentage of essential amino acids, especially leucine which appears to be the main driver of protein synthesis. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a very high quality protein that contains whey isolate and hydrolysate proteins, as well as a Leuvon Leucine Peptides technology that provides up to 4 times the amount of leucine found in other protein powders. There can be no doubt that NytroWhey Ultra Elite provides a powerful combination of protein and amino acids that can help optimize protein synthesis and training adaptations.   

Chad Kerksick, PhD: Agreed. There are a number of products floating around the sports nutrition market. Your first consideration should be an isolated version of a high-quality source of protein, such as whey protein. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a premium whey protein isolate that utilizes proprietary Glanbia® Nutritionals protein technology. What results is a protein product that delivers exceptional amounts of all of the essential amino acids plus a Leuvon technology that ensures the highest levels of muscle growth.

Mike Roussell, PhD: Yes, it’s all about the whey. A quality whey protein is an essential piece to any fat loss or muscle building plan. I have started to use NytroWhey Ultra Elite as both a meal replacement and post-workout protein. The extra leucine technology is great during a fat loss phase as your calories get lower because you can still hit your leucine needs post workout or during the day at a lower serving of total protein/calories. You can’t do this with just whey as the lower the total protein, the lower the leucine content. With 4 grams of fiber per serving, NytroWhey Ultra Elite can act more like a meal replacement when you double the serving size. I personally like three scoops of Strawberry post workout.

Dwayne Jackson, PhD: I’ve been using NytroWhey Ultra Elite, too. Being a competitive bodybuilder for the past 25 years, as well as an active research scientist, makes me a tough customer. When it comes to choosing a protein supplement, I have several criteria that must be met. First, it must contain the absolute highest quality whey protein isolate. Second, it must be fortified with leucine (for additional anabolic activation). Finally, it must not contain fillers and protein spiking agents that make it look better on paper than it actually is. NytroWhey Ultra Elite passes all these tests with flying colors. Beyond being one of the top quality products in its category, it mixes and tastes better than its closest competitors. Together, this makes NytroWhey Ultra Elite my go-to protein powder.

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: All I can say is, take a second to think back. Remember all the endless days and countless hours that you have spent planning and working to achieve your goals. Whether it is aesthetic reasons or performance, having the highest amount of lean muscle mass is extremely important for most of us who are physically active or play organized sport. Being able to supply the body with necessary nutrients at optimal times, will allow you to recover from training and adapt to it much easier. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is smart quality nutrition. Easy to use, clean and valid. Nutrient timing and the smart use of products like NytroWhey Ultra Elite after training is one of the most well-known methods to induce hypertrophy.

Bill Campbell, PhD, CDCS, FISSN: When one considers the available scientific literature, there is really only one choice for maximizing muscle protein synthesis – whey protein.  Multiple scientific investigations have reported that whey protein is superior to other protein sources in relation to maximizing muscle protein synthesis in the hours following resistance training.  Whey protein’s anabolic actions are due primarily to its high leucine content. When you take into account NytroWhey Ultra Elite’s leucine-bound leucine-peptide technology, which provides bioactive muscle-growth triggering leucine in great amounts, NytroWhey Ultra Elite emerges as a great choice. It contains the highest form of whey protein available (whey protein isolate) and has added leucine.

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: I’d like to add that while NytroWhey Ultra Elite is most often used for gaining lean muscle mass, it also functions admirably in terms of fat loss and body composition. This may be more important for the general fitness-conscious person, but NytroWhey Ultra Elite has a time honored and tested ability to positively impact appetite. If you feel more full, you tend to eat less, and weight loss, fat loss becomes a tad easier. It also increases metabolic rate because burning more calories helps a person with weight loss and control. Top-quality protein is actually the most thermogenic macronutrient. Think of NytroWhey Ultra Elite as a product that can aid in body composition, muscle gains and in maintaining good overall health. A triple winner in fact!

Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN: Like all of you, I’ve also had terrific experience with NytroWhey Ultra Elite. During my high volume training cycles I struggle getting enough protein in order to recover from my workouts and stimulate muscle growth; and there are only so many chicken breasts I can eat in one day. Personally I love NytroWhey Ultra Elite. I can relax knowing I am getting a high quality protein supplement to help me hit my protein requirements for the day.  I know the elevated leucine content will help stimulate protein synthesis throughout the day and set the stage for optimal muscle growth. Other protein supplements may claim to have a high leucine content, but NytroWhey has been shown to have significantly more bioactive leucine, up to 4 times more, than any other brand. And most importantly it tastes great and mixes well.  I’m a big fan of blending it with 1 tbsp. of peanut butter, 1 banana, ½ cup of Greek yogurt and ½ cup of milk for a great tasting, muscle building smoothie. NytroWhey Ultra Elite has everything you need in a protein supplement. Its advanced scientific formulations include optimal amounts of potent amino acids in specific anabolic blends geared to stimulate muscle growth to the max.  

And there you have it! Thank you guys.

Next week, in Part Two of our Supplement Picks of the Experts series, we’ll look at Mass Builders.

Read more about NytroWhey Ultra Elite here.

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