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Supplement Picks Of The Experts: Fat-Loss Catalysts

Sports Nutrition Round Table:

Supplement Experts Select the
Leaders in Key Bodybuilding Categories

Part Three: Fat-Loss Catalysts

Is there any supplement category more volatile and subject to change than the weight-loss category? The rate at which products (and manufacturers) come and go in this field seems to accelerate with each passing year.

There’s a simple reason for that, of course. Most of these short-lived products simply don’t work. They contain outdated, discredited agents or inadequate dosages of common compounds. In fact, a lot of them are mostly caffeine. And with fat-loss products, it doesn’t take long for customers (especially experienced athletes) to determine that a product is a waste of money.

This unfortunate state of affairs makes the fat-loss category unusually easy to rank. If the definition of an effective fat-loss support technology comes down to whether customers are willing to buy that product more than once, you’ve already narrowed the field to a few dozen contenders. If you're looking for truly comprehensive, multi-pathway agents of fat loss (as opposed to valuable, but necessarily narrow-focused, single ingredient supplements like CLA or green-coffee bean formulas), you’ve got even less competition. Finally, if you’re only considering fat-loss support supplements that have stood the test of time and attracted a large and enthusiastic fanbase of repeat consumers over the course of years, well, you can count those contenders on the fingers of one hand.

In fact, this week, our panel of sports nutrition experts would like to suggest you can count the best of the best on one finger.

Welcome to Part Three of our Sports Nutrition Round Table discussion of the absolute BEST products available in four key supplement categories: Premium Protein, Mass Building, Fat Loss, and Testosterone Support. We’ve already covered Premium Proteins and Mass Builders. And now, once again, we’ve gathered the experts, each a well-credentialed and respected PhD in the field of sports supplement science, to help you get the most value out of every supplement dollar you spend. As always, the statements and opinions of the experts expressed here are not meant to be construed as endorsements by the employers and universities with which each expert is associated.

Take it away, experts!

Category: Fat-Loss Catalysts
Experts Pick: BioQuest BetaStax Elite

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: There is no standard recipe to creating a masterpiece. If there were one, everyone would be able to follow the same exact formula for masterful success all day long. The reality is that wondrous things, events and products only come along once in a rare while. Well, scientifically, medically, physiologically and in reality, BioQuest's BetaStax Elite is just that product, fully stocked with active effective ingredients and bursting with real applicable science. This should come as no surprise, by the way. BioQuest has a well-earned reputation for applying due diligence in every aspect of the research, development and manufacture of superior-quality supplements, and BetaStax Elite is another prime example of that dedication to excellence. Clinically supported dosages of raspberry ketones, chlorogenic acids, caffeine, and BetaStax Elite’s key active ingredient, PureWay-Slim, all have demonstrated real physique transformation potential. Simply stated, the science of BetaStax Elite is, well, Elite! A product designed to utilize multiple pathways in the body, to augment the efforts you put in for weight control and fat loss while helping you to maintain energy levels and a smile. In my opinion, as a research scientist and nutritionist, BetaStax Elite is a sound investment as part of a weight and fat loss program.

Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN:
I was impressed with the science surrounding Beta Stax Elite's PureWay-Slim technology, which independent clinical trials have shown to facilitate significant reductions in body weight, hip and waist circumference after only two weeks of use!  It also contains a standardized dose of chlorogenic acid, which has also been shown to boost fat metabolism in the liver. Not only are the active ingredients able to significantly enhance fat loss, they can also provide a burst of energy which can help facilitate intense training sessions or provide energy for those on a lower calorie or low carbohydrate diet.  Through intensified workouts and ramped up fat metabolism throughout the day, BetaStax Elite can help you obtain that shredded physique you’ve been searching for.  

Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN: Exactly! An unfortunate side effect of dieting is the suppression of one’s resting metabolic rate. A decreased resting metabolic rate should be avoided so that long-term weight loss can be achieved. Fortunately, there are a few strategies that can be utilized to elevate metabolic rate. The first and most effective strategy is to increase lean body mass through resistance training. Lean body mass is highly correlated with metabolic rate. The more muscle one has, the greater their metabolism.  The other strategy that has been shown to be effective in the scientific literature is targeted supplementation. BetaStax Elite contains several metabolism-igniting ingredients and therefore is an effective choice for increasing metabolic rate.

Mike Roussell, PhD: Getting back to BetaStax Elite's PureWay-Slim mechanism, it was shown in an unpublished clinical trial performed at the University of Miami to elicit an extra 3.8 pounds of weight loss after 4 weeks. The blend of ingredients in PureWay-Slim seems to elicit the enhanced weight loss by increasing satiety from a meal via increases in the hormone CCK. In addition to that, two other notable ingredients have been added to BetaStax Elite, caffeine and citrus aurantium, as well as caffeine, the well-known performance-enhancing stimulant that can also increase lipolysis (e.g. cellular fat burning). When taken before exercise, citrus aurantium has been shown to increase the calorie-burning effect of exercise by more than 150 calories. As taken as part of your fat loss diet supplement regimen, BetaStax Elite will help enhance fat loss from a two pronged effect of appetite control and enhancing the calorie burning effect of exercise.

Chad Kerksick, PhD: Packing on muscle is much more exciting when you get lean and burn fat from areas you want to highlight. Your diet and supplementation regimen needs to allow you to burn more calories, have more energy and decrease body fat. Over time, these outcomes will lean your physique and improve how you look and feel. BetaStax Elite is a weight-loss, diet-support product that has been shown to help people do just that. The formulation found within BetaStax Elite is comprised of several ingredients that are supported by a number of different published reports.  These reports clearly demonstrate their ability to positively impact all aspects of the fat breakdown process including increasing calorie burning, mental focus and appetite control.

Richard Kreider, PhD: Thermogenic supplements can help increase energy expenditure and thereby promote greater fat loss during training.  They can also help prevent weight regain after dieting. BetaStax Elite is an innovative thermogenic supplement that contains caffeine and green tea, common thermogenic nutrients, as well as chromium, raspberry Ketones, and conjugated linoleic acids.  Research has shown that each of these additional nutrients can promote fat loss while dieting and/or training.  Together, BetaStax Elite provides an essential source of nutrients that can help promote fat loss during training.   

Dwayne Jackson, PhD: BetaStax Elite has been my go-to fat burner since the day it was introduced. Why? Simply because it works so well. I was lucky enough to try BetaStax Elite when it was first developed, and coupled with a good diet and training program, I lost a significant amount of excess fat in only a few months.  The key to BetaStax Elite’s potency is its approach to fat loss. BetaStax Elite attacks fat loss from several angles with key ingredients that curb appetite, give you energy, mobilize fats, increase metabolic rate, and block carbohydrate/fat absorption. This product is so potent, that you can feel the energy rush and increase in body temperature within 30 minutes of taking it. Based on my personal experience with BetaStax, I give this product my highest approval.

Thank you again, guys.

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up our series with Part Four: Testosterone-Support Supplements.

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Use as directed with a sensible diet and exercise program that includes reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight-loss program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and was compensated for his appearance. Endorser’s results are not typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.