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Success Stories
At ProSource, we regard every customer as a member of our big, extended family, united in the quest for health, fitness, and happiness. That's why we enjoy it so much, when we hear from one of our customers who has achieved their goals with the help of products sold here through The inspiring success stories collected here have been verified by our team and are meant to provide motivation and information for you in your own ongoing efforts to attain peak performance and good health. Enjoy!

Workout Warrior Sheds the Bulk, Rips Up Like Never Before

"The first week of dieting wasn't so bad. But the first week of cardio was a lot tougher. BetaStax definitely helped with both. It gave me energy and curbed my appetite without giving me the shakes like the other products I had tried in the past."

~ Pat Papero (BetaStax)

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