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Stephen Hopkinson

Starting Weight: 132 lbs
Current Weight: 153 lbs

My Story: I've always had a passion in lifting weights and body-building, but was always the skinny kid that just had the definition (making me think I was more muscular then I really was by a long shot!). But I couldn't pack on any mass no matter how hard I trained. Through experience I learned that the key was the nutrition and rest. Once I started consuming the kcal I needed to gain weight, which I managed with a good diet and supplementation, I began getting more mass and more strength. I now train 3x a week (as opposed to most days which didn't get me anywhere!). Using mainly compound lifts such as bench press, dead lifts and squats. Although I usually have at least one isolation exercise such as lateral raises of biceps curls, depending on the day. I try to go up every workout in how much weight I am lifting, even if it is only half a kilo a week, it all adds up. I alternate between 12 reps and slower 5 reps each week. Dedication and patience is vital.

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